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Jeff Kaufmann, the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, took the Cedar Rapids Gazette to task Nov. 21. He said he never thought he’d find an editorial board “more unprofessional, juvenile and anti-Iowan than the Des Moines Register, but I was wrong.”

He highlighted a few headlines from the Gazette:

“Iowa, you are racist”

“Abolish the undemocratic Iowa caucuses”

“Making America suck again”

“California casts sunshine on Iowa’s shameful Legislature”

Kaufmann encouraged all Republican candidates to boycott meeting with the “four-person, sanctimonious editorial board at the Cedar Rapids Gazette.”

He questioned the purpose of the board.

“Their articles are not newsworthy nor thought provoking,” he said. “They do not add to the constructive discourse of our state or country. They simply publish over-the-top, sensational pieces meant to discredit, stir up hate and spark anger toward Republican officials. There’s no point in going before their board for an endorsement when their endorsement is already crystal clear.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall