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Republican State Rep. Steven Bradley reacted to the news of Rush Limbaugh’s passing.

Bradley said all of us will miss Limbaugh.

Rep. Bradley

“He was the voice of reason,” Bradley said. “What a great conservative he was too. We’re just all devastated that he died and I don’t know who is going to take his place, but boy, he was just so good and so fun to listen to.”

Among Limbaugh’s admirable traits, Bradley said, was his honesty.

“He told you this was going to work or this wasn’t going to work,” he said. “That’s not what we get from the other side and that’s what I liked about him. If somebody was wrong, he would say they were wrong. He wasn’t wishy-washy about things. That’s what I liked about him. If you listen to some people on CNN, I mean those guys lie and then they don’t correct themselves. That’s what I liked about Rush — he was so honest.”

State Rep. Dean Fisher said that he is deeply saddened at the news of Limbaugh’s death.

Rep. Fisher

“Rush Limbaugh was a courageous and unique American,” he said. “Rush gave the conservative political movement a voice in America that it did not have before, and in his own inimitable style encouraged tens of millions of Americans to speak up and speak out.

“The nation is stronger, richer and more engaged thanks to his service to his listeners.”

Fisher began listening to Rush more than 30 years ago.

“I took great encouragement from his willingness to bring tough issues up for public discussion on the airwaves,” Fisher said. “His good humor and his courage inspire me to this day.

“May God bless him and bless his loved ones as they mourn his loss.”

Rep. Chad Ingels reflected on Limbaugh’s impact:

“As a young, fresh-out-of-college farmer I found Rush on the radio and spent hours with him in the tractor and farm truck,” Ingels said. “He framed politics and even pop culture in a whole different way than what we were used to hearing.”

Rep. Ingels

It didn’t take Ingels long to realize he was part of the “silent majority.”

“I found out I was part of the silent majority and enjoyed being a ‘dittohead,'” he said. “Rush changed talk radio and remade radio as ap lace to have fun learning rather than just listening to music. I might not be in the legislature today if it wasn’t for Rush. I will sure miss him commenting on and leading the conservative movement.”

Rep. Jeff Shipley said he trusts Limbaugh has found eternal life on the other side.


Author: Jacob Hall