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A middle school teacher in Iowa was caught on camera telling his students he cannot understand how anyone supported President Donald J. Trump. Parents in the South Hardin School District allege that a South Hardin Middle School teacher called Paul Miller is the individual speaking on the video.

Miller says he doesn’t think anybody who supports Trump “is in their right mind.” Then he says he shouldn’t have said that.


“But, I cannot stand the man and I cannot understand anyone who supports him. If you can explain to me your reason for supporting him I might listen, but I can’t get it. I can’t get past any rational reason to support him.”

A student can be heard saying he was a good President. And then a student says Trump was a lot better than Biden.

“Whoa, whoa whoa,” Miller says. “Better how? What did he do for COVID? Millions of people died. Millions. Because he chose not to act.”

By the end of the audio, Miller is shouting at the students. You can listen below.

The Iowa Standard reached out to Miller for comment. If he responds, we will publish his statement.

This revelation comes less than a week after undercover interviews were released with a handful of educators in central Iowa about efforts to violate the law when it comes to teaching Critical Race Theory in the state.

And it comes as House Republicans continue to refuse to support Education Savings Accounts for Iowa families, helping them to get their children out of a school that doesn’t meet their needs.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Looser teacher. I don’t suppose he knows how many people have died under China joe’s watch, how many criminal illegals have entered our country, which isn’t even counting all the others from how many other foreign countries have come across our border ILLEGALLY, which makes them criminal illegals. He’s an IDIOT, and needs to be removed from trying to indoctrinate young people, just stick with the subject your suppose to be teaching, your opinion isn’t needed.

  2. Looser? LOL. He evidently was not your English teacher, and I’m only assuming Kate is an adult.

    For all the right-wingers criticizing “safe spaces”, “safe zones”, while pushing “Critical race theory” and “Don’t say gay” and calling Democrats “snowflakes”, this fake outrage against Miller is wrong.

    Big deal, it’s his opinion. While Miller called for common sense and critical thinking about a subject, this should be; at the most, a call to a superior’s office telling him to tone it down, not a suspension. It is crazy that right-wingers that yell about people being “woke” would whine about this.

    If you went to this school (or ENP) as a male growing up, 75% of us remember Damon, Tjaden, Miller, and even Thomsen assaulting, if not abusing us verbally or very much physically during our time in school in the 90’s.

    That was way worse than a teacher sharing their 1st amendment right. Nothingburger.

  3. This guy is the definition of the psychotic left. When a supposed adult teacher yells that way at his students? Yeah, he’s unhinged and needs to go. The left doesn’t know how to have a reasonable debate. He said he’d listen? LMAO one sentence and the guy went off the rails. And he’s incorrect with his facts too. More have died under Brandon than under #45. And more will continue to die as he gets rid of President Trump’s title 42. (My father is one who died from covid in 2020 but I certainly am adult enough to not blame one man for it, I wouldn’t even blame Brandon for it if it had been in 2021….that’s what adults do….use common sense)


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