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An Iowa mom took to Facebook on Tuesday to express her heartbreak over what President Joe Biden has done to her family — and families across the nation — in just one month.

Rachel had just left the pharmacy where her son’s insulin had been filled.

She said that her son has Type I diabetes. He goes through a box of insulin every month. Many people with diabetes go through multiple boxes.

However, her family eats low-carb most of the time, which requires less medicine.

“In 2020, when Trump was President, our monthly payment for Hayden’s insulin, and insulin is not a negotiable product — it’s a product that Hayden will be dependent on for the rest of his life in order to stay alive. It’s not rationable like you can’t ration it in order to make it go longer,” she said.

Then she teared up.

“You guys, I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna cry. Not so much for Hayden because we can absorb this cost.

“Last year, under Trump our insulin payment went to $60 a month for this box. This is the first time I got this insulin prescription filled since Biden was inaugurated into office. And if you voted him in, I’m a little mad today. I’m a little mad.”

Rachel said when she went to the pharmacy window to pick it up, they had set it aside because “it’s really expensive.”

“Now, I love our pharmacists, but I’m like ‘what do you want me to do about that? Do you want me to say well, we’ll just pass on it for a month? We can’t pass on it. We are stuck. We are stuck as a family who doesn’t go to the doctor because we see how the system operates.

“You know how much I paid for this one box of insulin? I paid $328 for this one box of insulin that lasts him a month, I paid $328. And that was with the coupon from the company. Do you know how much I would’ve paid without the coupon? $500. I would’ve paid $500 for this one box of life-saving insulin for my son, which by the way costs pennies for the manufacturers to make.”

While apologies were offered, she said sorry doesn’t cut it.

“If you think that this is just a story of my family and what Biden has in store, you are so blind. You are so blind. He is so corrupt. He is costing tens of thousands of people their livelihoods. This is not my president. He is an evil man. He is an evil, evil man.

“I don’t want you to hold my hand and cry with me. I want you to get pissed off. I don’t want you to cry, I want you to get pissed off. I want you to speak out. I want you to rebel. I want you to say this is not OK in our country. There is so much apathy and so many people are brainwashed. Turn off your television sets. Turn off your television sets — they are lying to you. They are deceiving you. They are fear-mongering you into compliance. And it is my family and the families like my family that are going to be the first ones in line and I want you to take a good look at who Biden is putting into his cabinet into positions of power. They are among the most criminal, corrupt, awful people who sell-out our nation.”

Rachel noted that he put people in charge of the medical world who is on record as saying if you are 75 years old you are good to go to pasture and die.

“They define the worthiness of humans, do you understand that? They define the worthiness of humans and who is viable for life. And this is what they do — they cut off things that people need for life. And I’m telling you, if you have a child with special needs in the era of Biden, they are worthless. My son and my mom with diabetes are worthless to Biden, they are worthless. Their lives are meaningless.”

Rachel said she is sad, but more than that is angry.

“And I’m angry at those of us who continue to be brainwashed and are not awake and do not see what is happening and do not understand that our country is a country that was founded for the People by the People. Not for the tyrant with a pen that writes executive orders in his hand. We the People need to start being the People. We need to start saying no.”


Author: Jacob Hall