Tom Arnold was born in Ottumwa, Iowa. He’s one of us — for better or worse.
Arnold recently said his house was visited by the Secret Service due to one of his tweets.

Trump and Arnold were once pals, but Arnold has since embraced the #Resistance movement.

Arnold is a frequent user of Twitter, again, for better or worse.

On Nov. 30, he unloaded this beauty.

Say what you will about President Donald Trump’s Twitter activity. He may not always be right, but at least he’s somewhat coherent. This gem from Arnold doesn’t even make sense at the lowest level of ignorance.

We’re not even sure how to read it in such a way that it might be in the realm of truth. Arnold chose to use a number that supposedly represents a statistic, so it’s not like it’s just an embarrassing opinion.

Now seems like the proper time for this reminder:

Author: Jacob Hall