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As I sat in the subcommittee meetings this week, it meant so much to me that our legislators were standing for what these men worked so hard for “for such a time as this.”  We The People help this nation make laws by speaking and putting these men and women in office. It is so important for us to stand for what is right and true, and to vote when election time is upon us.

SJR 5 — The first committee meeting handled so eloquently by Sen. Jake Chapman and Senator Roby Smith. Passing this subcommittee was the beginning of the process to bring a Constitutional Amendment to the Iowa Constitution for the laws that were passed last year and over rode by the Supreme Court of Iowa. Now stating that all abortions are legal in Iowa. This Amendment would state that there is no fundamental right to an abortion in the Constitution.

Keep in prayer the covering of our Senators, Representatives and Governor during this process. Its is a long one, for if it passes this year, it will have to pass in 2020 as well.  Psalm 37, Psalm 91.

The second subcommittee meeting was Judicial Reform with Senator Julian Garrett, Senator Jake Chapman and Senator Dan Dawson leading the way. Currently the bar association and a small group they chose pick the judges for Iowa. They are not picked by the people, they are sustained by the people, meaning we have the right to vote them out when election time comes.

Again we need to keep the Representatives, Senators and our Governor in prayer.  This is a really big change and we need to ask the Lord for wisdom and revelation on the best way for our legislators to handle this issue. Ephesians 1:17. Psalm 91.

Senator Guth filed the RFRA, it too needs prayer. I believe it would get through Senate but the House is a little different. They are a bigger group and are not always in unity. I believe Representative Sandy Salmon is handling it on the House side. More people, more opinions and sometimes less unity.  Praying for unity in the House side is very important. Ephesians 4:3

There are so many bills that are being worked on with budget, education, DHS, employment, penalties for hate crimes, prohibition of social media censorship, veterans affairs. These men and women are very busy, and always getting addressed by lobbyists from business, universities, banks, etc.

Please pray for them to be wise and the best way to handle these lobbyists.

We have seen a wonderful State of the Union by President Trump. I don’t think I have seen honoring of so many wonderful people as we seen during the speech. President’s words were very hopeful for America.  Please keep him and his family in prayer and all that are in leadership from executive staff to fire fighters.

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Author: Brenda Brown