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An Iowa principal compared the Republican Party’s rhetoric to that of the Nazi political party in Germany on Facebook.

State Sen. Jake Chapman (R-Adel) posted an article about an Iowa judge ruling against the Linn County Auditor for pre-populating confidential voter information on absentee ballot request forms.

Sen. Chapman noted the “blatant disregard of the law in an attempt to tip the scales in favor of Democrats” and was pleased to see it wouldn’t be allowed to happen in Iowa.

Dan Marburger, the high school principal at Perry, noted that a bipartisan commission said voter fraud occurred just at a 0.004 percent rate in the last election. He called it “another GOP scare tactic, like the stock market will crash and the border will be overrun if Democrats elected. Must be the homeschool way to do business.”

Chapman simply replied that no vote should be erased because of fraud.

The Iowa Standard reached out to Marburger to ask if a student cheated on just 0.004 percent of all questions on tests through a school year, if that would be acceptable.

Marburger said Chapman was trying to scare people into believing their vote doesn’t count, adding “sounds a lot like out of the Nazi playbook.”

After Chapman asked if Marburger implied Chapman is a Nazi, Marburger responded:

“What I implied was the same rhetoric the GOP is spewing happened in Germany under the Nazi political party. If that is how identify yourself, I guess that is on you.”

Chapman took the high road, saying that he disagreed with Marburger’s comments, but will always defend his right to free speech.

The Perry School Board declined to comment for the story.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall