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Kate Payne of Iowa Public Radio asked Congresswoman Ashley Hinson two interesting questions during Friday’s weekly press call. The questions had plenty of statement packed within them.

“So, we do know Representative that there were Iowans among the crowd that stormed the U.S. Capitol and there were photos of others — we saw Gary Leffler, a well-known Republican posting photos of himself on the Capitol steps during this event. Separately, we saw the Henry County GOP chair warning Iowans to arm themselves for a coming civil war between Democrats and Republicans. He has resigned. But the question for you is, should the Party be holding these individuals accountable for this or do you think they’ll be welcomed back?”

For her part, Hinson reiterated her call for anyone involved in violence or who “went too far” to be arrested and charged. She acknowledged meeting with Leffler and other Iowans earlier in the week and said based on her interaction they were just there to support the President.

Hinson said she supports the First Amendment, but she also doesn’t believe you can yell fire in a crowded theater and that if people are unhappy with actions from their leadership, they need to hold them accountable.

Payne followed up with another statement disguised as a question:

“There’s absolutely a difference with those individuals who were participating in violence, but the underlying message of this rally which drew so many was to stall this constitutional certification of votes that were upheld by states and local officials and numerous court rulings and so for all of those Iowans who were supportive of that event, do you think that that sentiment needs to be reckoned with in the Party?”

So, according to the employee of Iowa Public Radio, which receives plenty of taxpayer dollars here in the Hawkeye State, the crowd “stormed” the U.S. Capitol — even though there are photos and videos showing doors being opened from the inside and Capitol police literally standing to the side welcoming people into the Capitol.

Gary Leffler, “The Tractor Guy,” should be “held accountable” for having the audacity to stand on the Capitol steps during the rally.

And while there’s a difference between those who were being violent and those who weren’t, Payne defines the “underlying message” of a rally she had no part in and wonders if Iowans who supported the First Amendment expression should be “reckoned” within the Republican Party.


Not sure the divide could be wider between the truth and the media’s narrative.

It’s no wonder Iowans, and Americans, largely have a distrust of the media.

These statements disguised as “questions” misrepresent much of what Jan. 6 was all about.

And reveal a misunderstanding of President Trump’s supporters that likely cannot be bridged. It simply shows the media will continue to struggle to report about people — and causes — that they either do not understand or do not want to understand.

Author: Jacob Hall