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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced new mitigation strategies on Tuesday as Iowa deals with the COVID-19 virus. Reynolds now requires masks be worn by anyone older than two years old at indoor gatherings of 25 people or outdoor gatherings of 100 people.

High school and youth sports are limited to two spectators per participant. Businesses that provide personal services — barbershops, salons, massage therapy, tattoo, tanning, etc. — will also have to ensure employees and customers wear masks.

Here are some of the reactions from The Iowa Standard’s Facebook followers:

“More measures at this juncture is like (crapping) your pants and changing your shirt. Move on people. It’s cases and very few deaths. Never seen this level of ignorance in my lifetime.” – Jerry U.

“Did it ever occur to anybody that when more and more people started wearing masks is when more and more positive cases have popped up??? Just a thought.” – Gerry N.

“It’s a nice start, but people really have to start limiting contact with one another. It’s spiraling out of control.” – Matthew H.

“My thoughts are the maskers are louder than the anti-maskers. Not surprising though considering who 90% of the maskers are. Does no one do any research anymore? The leading cause of deaths during the Spanish flu was secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing masks. I will not be complying with a mask mandate. If this means I take my shopping all online, so be it. But I’m willing to bet that small, privately owned businesses will not be enforcing any mask-wearing.” – Misty J.

“She’s pushing my limits of tolerance. Those of us who decided not to just go every damn where but stay close and limit contact to the outside have had it with its ineffectiveness. Everyone who just kept running around and making heavy contact bring it back home anyway. The mask does nothing but makes people sick and paranoid.” – James H.

“I have South Dakota Governor envy.” – Charles R.

“Not happy. She is obviously under a ton of pressure. Mask mandates aren’t working. Case numbers still go up in most states that have them. Death rate is still very very low, so all of this isn’t warranted. How about not allow big pharma to restrict the use of HCQ as a Profelactic or Treatment?! That’s honestly why we are in this situation.” – Wade T.

“Shouldn’t all of us nonmaskers be dead by now if the virus is so bad? It’s been almost a year now..enough already.” – Hannah R.

“She is showing her true RINO colors. She is caving to the liberal narrative that is based off fake “science.” – Jeff F.

“Kim is losing support, every time she caves into these idiots!!!! It gets harder, by the restriction, for me to remain a supporter of her.” – Paul S.

“She’s doing her best to please both sides. Give her a damn break people!! I don’t see anyone having the perfect solution. Not ONE of us has the perfect answer so please show some support to a woman who is trying her best. There is no one size fits all answer unless you are from the Left. Then mask mandates & mandatory vaccine requirements are the only answer and I don’t see her going full-blown on either. She’s doing her best.” – Sara F.

“I’m not pleased…I plan to email and call to let my thoughts be known. Clearly, the data shows that the masks and restrictions haven’t worked. If more people and masking and the numbers are rising…then one would think masks aren’t the answer. Maybe protecting those that need protecting and letting everyone else get it may be a path to look into” – Megan B.

“She used the term “Virus Fatigue”. Yeah, why wouldn’t we be virus fatigued? We’re 232 days into 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Nothing has gotten better, nothing is working &, in fact, we’re regressing. We’ve wasted all this time & money & solved absolutely nothing. No end in sight. How long are people going to fall for this nonsense?” – Kelly S.

“It’s overwhelming the healthcare system, so yeah I think she did the right thing.” – Karen B.

Author: Jacob Hall