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In the final days of the legislative session, there are still a few glaringly obvious issues that have not been addressed by the legislature.

Education savings accounts (school choice) has been addressed by the Iowa Senate. The Senate did an outstanding job of defending families across the state when it comes to the freedom to send their kids to the school that is best for their families.

But the Iowa House has not.

The Iowa House has failed Iowa kids and parents.

The Students First Scholarship was only going to impact students in Iowa’s failing schools. It really wasn’t much of an ask, at all. And it does not go nearly far enough.

But, conservatives in Iowa are being conditioned to “settle” and take what they can get on these issues.

So, what can we get on this? Is nothing really the best we can do?

By every measurable metric, school choice makes every educational option better. Competition tends to do that.

Yet here we are, days before the session will likely end, and if something dramatic doesn’t happen, Iowa children will remain without educational freedom.

Some Iowa House Republicans are putting the teacher’s union, which will likely never ever ever ever vote for them, ahead of Iowa students and parents. They’re prioritizing their next election over a child’s education.

We could get into the numbers and the studies of the benefits of school choice, but why isn’t it being the “right thing” good enough?

Parents should decide where to send their children to school. They pay a lot of money in property taxes and if they want some of that money to be utilized at a place that will provide a better education — the state should let them.

There is systemic indoctrination happening inside Iowa’s public schools. Students are being taught to hate their country. The public school system is doing all it can to produce future Leftists.

Why are Iowa House Republicans so beholden to people who will never support them or their supposed principles?

Rather than complain without offering a solution, here is the solution — bring the bill up for a vote on the House floor.

Make House Republicans own their abandonment of the GOP platform. Make House Republicans put up their no vote for the world to see. Make them be accountable.

In other words, make them be adults.

House leadership — and it starts with Speaker Pat Grassley — must stop “protecting the caucus” and start representing the people who vote for them. Right now Republicans who do not support school choice and do not support Education Savings Accounts are receiving protection from Speaker Grassley. Iowa parents, students and Republicans are receiving the shaft.

I try not to be so brutal and unforgiving, but this is simply inexcusable. We are talking about children and parents. If the Republican Party doesn’t stand for freedom, for the right of moms and dads to decide what is best for their children, then what does it stand for?

Too many students are stuck in a school system that is failing them and failing the future of this country.

The time to act is now. There is no excuse for a 59-41 Republican majority in the Iowa House. Especially if they want to keep that healthy majority.

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Author: Jacob Hall