Iowa Teachers’ Union President: Putting cameras in classrooms is ‘completely outrageous, dangerous’

Statement from Mike Beranek, Iowa State Education Association President, regarding proposed legislation requiring public schools to put cameras in classrooms:

“This bill is completely outrageous and dangerous,” said ISEA President Mike Beranek. “The bill was written with the intent of further insulting public education professionals and the locally elected school boards who oversee our public school districts.


“To suggest that precious school resources be spent on livestreaming equipment and additional bandwidth so that anyone can observe a classroom is misguided and dangerous. We need more resources, not less to meet the needs of our students. These funds should be used to employ additional qualified professionals, reduce class sizes and provide more programming that helps students love to learn.

“We call on responsible legislators to stop this belittling legislation punitively aimed at education professionals with zero benefit to the students in their care.”

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  1. More dangerous and outrageous is letting Marxist “teachers” corrupt and psychologically poison the minds of our children. What’s needed isn’t more resources, a tired refrain after 4 decades, it’s more competition via 100% school choice


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