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There was a run-off election on Tuesday for an open city council seat in Cedar Falls. And voters were reportedly told a mask was required to vote.

One person who spoke with The Iowa Standard said they showed up to vote at Trinity Bible Church at 8:15 a.m. They walked in without a mask and were confronted by a female.

“I was maybe three steps inside the door and was told that I needed to put a mask on,” they said. “I responded with a question of is a mask required in order to vote.”

The woman had a shocked expression and responded with a sharp “yes.”

The individual took out a mask and wore it because they had to, not because they wanted to. And then was informed they needed to see an ID and verify information.

One could question the effectiveness of a photo ID for someone who is forced to wear a mask.

One could also question if requiring a mask to vote is legal.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall