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Week 1 wrapped up at the Capitol in Des Moines. The 2019 legislative session got off to a promising start for Iowans For Tax Relief. The group highlighted a few encouraging comments from lawmakers during the first week.

“We need to find ways to continue to reduce the tax burden on hardworking Iowans – particularly when it comes to property taxes.” – Iowa Senate President Charles Schneider

“We will continue to deliver bold action to build our workforce, continue to reduce taxes, and reduce government dependence in our state.” – Iowa Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver

“Iowans expect us to be responsible stewards of their hard-earned tax dollars.” – Iowa House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow

“We want to be viewed, in the future, as a low tax state.” – Speaker of the Iowa House Linda Upmeyer

Iowans For Tax Relief warned that isn’t the sentiment among everyone inside the Golden Dome.

“Some openly want to increase taxes and spending,” they wrote in their newsletter. “The lobby is full of money-hungry special interests fighting for their piece of Iowa’s budget. Iowans for Tax Relief will continue to represent the source of that budget: the taxpayers.”

Chris Ingstad, president of Iowans for Tax Relief, was interviewed on the radio this past week. He talked about property taxes…

“Since 2000, local government spending is up over 100 percent. GDP in Iowa over that same time is up about 40 percent; inflation is about 50 percent. If you measure what the state itself spends, it is about 60 percent. Local government is outpacing it all.”

You can visit Iowans for Tax Relief on Facebook here.

The group has also put together an easy way to contact Governor Kim Reynolds and state legislators regarding taxes and spending. Click here.

The newsletter included a tax quiz:

Which taxing authority will collect the largest percentage of property taxes statewide in FY 2018-2019?
A. Cities
B. Counties
C. K-12 Schools

Look at the end of this article for the answer.

If you want to stay up to date with Iowans for Tax Relief, visit their website here.

The answer to the above quiz is C.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall