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It’s been more than a month since Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed the “Protect Children’s Innocence” Act in the United States House of Representatives. She started with 12 cosponsors and is now up to 42.

Republicans from Illinois, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Minnesota are cosponsoring the legislation.

But none from Iowa are. Not Rep. Ashley Hinson. Not Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. And not Rep. Randy Feenstra, who represents one of the most conservative congressional districts in the country.

It’s astonishing because of what we’re talking about — sexually mutilating kids, minors, children. Abusing them. Altering their bodies beyond repair.

Sponsoring legislation like this should be what is referred to as a layup politically.

Rep. Bob Good made incredible comments at the press conference last week on this bill, saying the fact no Democrats support it is a perfect tell for where the Democrat Party is today.

But let’s be real — only a fraction of Republicans in Congress support it.

Where is Feenstra? He should have sponsored this legislation. He should have led on this issue. This is a slam dunk for Iowa’s Fourth District.

Yet he isn’t even cosponsoring the legislation.

And now that the bill was filed more than a month ago, it’s difficult to understand why his name is still not on the list. The list of cosponsors has grown from 12 to 42. So 30 other people figured out how to get added to it.

What is he doing? Congressman Steve King, the previous representative for the Fourth District, would have been right there beside Representatives Bob Good and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louie Gohmert and others.

I have no doubts he would have been an original cosponsor, if not lead sponsor on the legislation.

But more than a month after it was introduced and still no Iowan listed as a cosponsor.

If our elected Republicans in D.C. will not publicly and boldly support this bill and the effort to block the gender-affirming treatment of minors, they should not be sent back to D.C.

This is inexcusable. It is abhorrent. It is an embarrassment.

And those who lead the Republican Party of Iowa and grassroots groups rooted in faith and freedom should be taking a long, hard look at this.

Hinson and Miller-Meeks already gave the Iowa grassroots a cold shoulder when they ignored the party platform and voted to codify same-sex marriage while banning states from supporting traditional marriage.

What is the deal here? Where are their names? When they return to D.C., they should be beating down the door to whoever’s office they need to get into to get their names added to this bill as proud cosponsors.

I should see a press release in my inbox expressing their support for this effort and this legislation.

But sadly, the odds are against that.

Voting the right way on this issue is not enough. This is an issue that should be championed.

If a Republican isn’t willing to stand up and speak out against the genital mutilation of our children, they aren’t worth sending to Washington D.C.

Contact these lawmakers.

Author: Jacob Hall


  1. It’s time to put down the plumb line on RINOs in the party. Can’t protect children from the Marxist WOKE mob of perverts – then a no vote from me. My ballot is gaining more and more under-votes for showing cowardice as the days inch closer to the election. What good is a GOP majority if we can’t find the spine to protect the next generation from the devil? If we keep giving in to killing the unborn, indoctrinating those that are born, and surrendering to the insidious transgender agenda, then our posterity is lost, DEAD! Get it? This means no posterity having the blessings of life and liberty passed on to them, they’re all destroyed and DEAD! America’s future is DEAD if we keep letting these immoral bastards and congressional cowards keep destroying them! Isn’t it time to view WOKE with the same eye of contempt as our founding fathers looked at the British Crown? Isn’t WOKE presenting a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evincing a Design to reduce our State under absolute Despotism by destroying the children? If so, then it’s our duty, our obligation, to throw off such tyranny and protect our posterity!


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