Iowa’s State Government has taken too much of our money

The Problem:

Iowa’s state government has taken too much of your money.

Last year, Iowa’s surplus was $305 million. This year, Iowa will end Fiscal Year 2021 with a whopping $1.24 billion surplus. Additionally, the state’s reserve funds are full, and there’s $1.054 billion will be sitting in the Taxpayer Relief fund.

Simply put, Iowa’s tax code extracts far more money out of Iowan’s pockets than government needs to operate.

Why it Matters:

It’s YOUR money! By the way, Governor Reynolds agrees!

Continuing surpluses prove Governor Reynolds’s policies of prudent budgeting and pro-growth tax reform work. Iowa’s fiscal house is strong and provides ample funds for government priorities. The Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll shows 57 percent of Iowans approve of how the governor has handled the state’s economy.

However, the most important number is the current balance of the Taxpayer Relief Fund. There is now over $1 BILLION sitting in an account dedicated solely to tax relief.

What Now?

Tax relief, that’s what!

Next year, the Iowa legislature needs to build on previous tax reforms, cut individual and corporate income tax rates, and address high property taxes.

When signing the 2021 tax reform bill into law, Governor Reynolds stated, “We are not done yet. Next year, I’ll be proposing additional income tax cuts as we continue to make Iowa the most attractive place in America to open a business, raise a family, and start a career.”

Reynolds has even said the ultimate goal is to eliminate Iowa’s income tax. Iowa can’t be complacent because other states are cutting taxes to attract both jobs and people.

Take Action:

ITR PAC supports candidates and legislators who will use the $1 BILLION in the Taxpayer Relief Fund for the reason it exists: TAX RELIEF!

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