For a week Sen. Eric Giddens and his wife, Kendra Wohlert, have been at the center of a controversy involving an event that took place at Peet Junior High in Cedar Falls. According to KWWL, Giddens released a response on Friday.

The Iowa Standard found this minor detail majorly concerning.

“Rob Michael, a Waterloo Police Officer, eventually followed Kendra and Eric into the school.”

Giddens said Michael “aggressively” asked what was going on. Interestingly, in Wohlert’s post detailing the situation, she said she and Giddens were “harassed” by Michael.

In the comments following Wohlert’s post on Facebook, people referenced Michael as “an ignorant man,” “that bigot,” and someone who “sounds like a bully.”

Another person said Officer Michael’s employer should issue a statement about this. She said she wrote his employer asking when she can expect to see their statement. She also included the contact information for the Public Information Officer.

Michael was simply a concerned parent when he went to the school to receive answers for an event taking place on school property. He wisely took video of the encounter so there is an accurate version of the events available.

Now he is being targeted.

This is not right!

One must ask, why did Sen. Giddens feel it necessary to list where Michael works? Is Sen. Giddens attempting to bring Michael’s employer into the situation? If so, why? What would be the motivation behind it?

Is it because Michael is a government employee? Does Giddens believe Michael should be punished, or possibly lose his job, for simply showing up to get answers about this concerning event?

It’s hard to imagine if Michael were not a government employee that his employer would have been brought into the situation. Could you imagine Giddens saying, “Rob Michael, a cashier at the local Walmart…” or “Rob Michael, a construction worker?”

What is the logic behind Giddens, a state senator, bringing Michael’s employer into this situation if it isn’t to have Michael punished by his employer?

The Iowa Standard has reached out to Sen. Giddens asking that question.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall