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Joe Biden is in Atlanta today to shed crocodile tears about voting rights.  Georgia is the place where Democrat ballot harvesters were caught on video illegally stuffing tens of thousands of ballots into drop boxes across the state in the middle of the night in the 2020 and Senate runoff elections.  One of them admitted being paid $45,000 for his illegal activity.  So spare me the crocodile tears and phony rhetoric about voter suppression.

I can hear Joe Biden’s speech now:


January 6th was an insurrection even though nobody’s been charged with insurrection.  Every day is January 6th now because the mean old Republicans want voter ID, which polls show most Americans including minorities support.  The mean old Republicans and Donald Trump are a threat to democracy, even though it is we Democrats who are the true threat to democracy because we want illegal aliens to overrun the country, noncitizens to vote like we just got passed in New York City, and prosecutors to ignore duly elected state legislatures and refuse to prosecute crimes the legislatures enacted and duly elected governors signed into law. We need federal voting rights legislation to counteract the mean old Republicans’ voter suppression laws and we need it now.  We have to break the filibuster rule to get it done, even though Chuck Schumer and myself have spoken glowingly about the filibuster in the past.  Chuck even said getting rid of the filibuster would be ‘doomsday for democracy’.  Forget we said all that; that was then, this is now.  Upcoming elections will not be fair because the mean old Republicans are already conspiring to steal them and install fascist dictatorship forever, even though it’s we Democrats who harbor dreams of being in power to the end of time and will stop at nothing to steal elections to stay there.  Even if we have to spin phony narratives about January 6th to get federal control over every election in the country from here on out.  Forget the problems in the 2020 election; we’ve changed the subject, January 6th is all that matters now.  We created those problems in 2020, but WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

The truth is the voting rights legislation the Democrats want is really a federal takeover of elections.  They want to make it so that no state or locality can ever insist on voter ID again, no state can ever get rid of drop boxes, and no state can ever stop liberal billionaires from funding Democrat get-out-the-vote drives in the name of providing financial help for the official business of election administration.  This is a recipe for mischief and disaster.  It’s also unconstitutional.   The Constitution gives most of the power to oversee elections to the states.

The Democrats call any questioning of the 2020 election ‘the big lie’.  But there are lots of unanswered questions about what happened – Why did officials turn elections over to private liberal groups in Wisconsin?  Why were Republican poll watchers thrown out of the vote counting center in Detroit?  Why can’t we inspect the machines?  Why is evidence being destroyed where investigations are taking place?

There are still plenty of problems with election integrity – voter ID not required in many places, dead people on the voter rolls, noncitizens registered and voting, loosey-goosey same-day registration, lack of signature verification on absentee ballots, the list goes on.

But here’s the biggest problem with the Democrats’ whole approach.  I was at the Washington Monument on January 6th watching Trump speak.  There were about a million people there that day to say they had no confidence in the 2020 election.  A handful of ignoramuses broke the law that day at the Capitol Building.  But if you federalize elections, as the Democrats want to do, you will guarantee lots of people will have no confidence in elections going forward.  If you’re going to make it impossible through federal law to check voter ID, or clean the voter rolls, or get rid of drop boxes, elections will be less secure than ever and you will guarantee great masses of people will be deeply suspicious of the outcome of every election in the future.  Institutionalize these things and every day will be January 6th, in the sense a sizeable portion of the electorate will have no confidence in our elections, whatsoever.  Break the filibuster, pass this by the slimmest of majorities, and ram federal control over elections down our throats and see what you get.  What you are attempting is horribly divisive.  It will never be accepted by a strong majority of the American people and you will have no end of trouble.  Efforts to reverse your takeover will never end.  Now sit there with a straight face and tell me that will be good for our democracy.

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