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Joe Biden is bad for rural America, and his embrace of flawed Obama administration policies and radical proposals like the Green New Deal only solidify that a Biden presidency would hurt small-town America.

In his attempt to appeal to rural voters, Biden released a rural America plan last year that was reminiscent of Obama’s rural and agricultural agenda that resulted in job loss in smaller metropolitan and rural areas. Farmers also criticized Biden as “tone deaf” for working with former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the plan, as Vilsack’s $1 million a year job is funded by mandatory fees from struggling dairy farmers.

Biden’s record of being soft on China has hurt rural America as well. Biden pushed for China to join the World Trade Organization – which dramatically impacted rural job loss in the United States.

And with Biden’s embrace of the Green New Deal, rural workers and communities would be left behind. During a Democrat Debate, Biden admitted that he would be willing to sacrifice displacing “thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning” to a greener economy.

Bottom line: Joe Biden’s tone deaf rural plan utilizes Obama’s failed policies and embraces the fringes of the Democrat Party at the expense of Middle America. While Biden would kill blue collar jobs and leave rural communities behind, President Trump’s policies have allowed non-metropolitan areas to flourish, and the president will continue to look out for small town America.


Author: Press Release