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Toya Johnson is one of three candidates for Iowa Senate District 17. Johnson is running as a Libertarian. She is in the field with Democrat Izaah Knox and No Party candidate Alejandro Murguia-Ortiz. There is no Republican in the race.

Here is Senate District 17:

Johnson wanted to make sure readers gained an understanding of her perspective:

“‘When we advocate against the rights of others, we advocate against ourselves.’ With that said I will always advocate for the right to choose for oneself. As I believe God gave everyone free will, not freedom from the consequences of exercising that free will and the government should follow suit.”

  1. At what point of pregnancy should abortion no longer be an option? When the treating physician and woman agree it is medically appropriate. Woman and girls have the procedure for various reasons and those decisions should be made after consultation with a trusted medical provider.
  2. Do you support allowing eminent domain to be used for a private, for-profit project? No, eminent domain for private use is theft.
  3. Do you support Education Savings Accounts for Iowa families? Yes, I think it could be a viable option in communities that want the option made available to them. We should be doing our best to provide as many pathways to educational success as we can.
  4. Do you support legislation removing sexually explicit, pornographic materials from school libraries?  The Bible could be considered sexually explicit so there’s that. I think instead of banning books, parents could easily opt the child out from checking the book out or better yet communicate with their child in an age-appropriate manner and fashion about issues they may encounter and how to navigate those situations.
  5. Do you support a bill requiring schools to communicate “preferred pronouns” of students to the their parents? I think the matter should be discussed with the parent, so children have the support they need.
  6. Would you support removing gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights Code? No, people have the right to peacefully express themselves even if we don’t personally agree with the expression. With that said until people stop advocating for and committing violent acts against those expressions they disagree with, and basic human rights protection will remain necessary.
  7. Would you support a bill banning “gender-affirming treatment” of minors in Iowa? I’m not sure I would ban it, however I think I would support an age restriction on when such activities would be considered an appropriate therapy. I would more than likely use the age of consent as the baseline for when services could begin. 
  8. Would you support a bill allowing one legislative candidate to donate some of their campaign funds to another legislative candidate directly, which was outlawed in the 1990s? Yes, as many times I believe they would be supporting candidates that are in line with the values their donors. 
  9. Do you support reforming the Governor’s Emergency Powers in Iowa? Yes. Just because there is a crisis, doesn’t mean the government has the right to usurp personal liberty, as a matter of fact, personal Liberty during times of crisis should be amplified when people are peacefully exercising their rights. 
  10. Do you support reforming and/or repealing Iowa’s “Certificate of Need” laws? Yes. Medical facilities are businesses that sale medical services. We should be doing everything we can to make sure consumers have options and access to quality and affordable care. 
  11. Do you support a Religious Freedom & Restoration Act for Iowans? I support the peaceful expression of religious freedoms. 
  12. Do you support efforts to stop Big Tech censorship in Iowa?  I support freedom of speech in public areas. I also support a business’s right to conduct their businesses as they see fit. You don’t like what they’re selling take your business elsewhere. 
  13. In Iowa, the penalty is the same for kidnapping and raping a minor as it is for kidnapping, raping and murdering a minor. Would you support a bill allowing for the death penalty in cases where a minor is kidnapped, raped and murdered? I do not support the death penalty, however, I do support stiffer penalties for those found guilty of heinous, egregious acts committed against children.
  14. Do you support mandatory E-Verify for Iowa businesses? No. Why would we want to make it difficult for people to work, be productive, pay taxes and help keep businesses in business?
  15. Do you support legislation prohibiting an employer from asking an employee for his or her COVID vaccination status? I support legislation that 1. prohibits employers from disqualifying you from employment or terminating employment when reasonable accommodations are available 2. Prohibits firing or taking other adverse actions based solely on your Covid status. 3. Requires employers to be held fiscally responsible for treatment of adverse effects from those mandated to such procedures from the physician of the employees choice.
  16. Do you support legislation prohibiting discrimination based on COVID vaccination status? Yes
  17. Should minors be allowed to attend drag shows? No
  18. Do you support allowing the sale of raw milk? Yes
  19. Would you support getting rid of no-excuse absentee voting? No 

You can learn more about Johnson’s candidacy here.


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