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 with author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon.
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Marxist tenets have seeped unnoticed into many areas of American society, including many churches. This is not only unhealthy but dangerous.

The church has long functioned as society’s early warning system against evil and as a force for good, such as championing human life and ending slavery and child labor.


But now, Liberation Theology, a Marxist blend of communism and Christianity, has softened the church’s reflexive opposition to evil. Liberal denominations are embracing abortion, the LGBTQ agenda, and socialist economics, and lending legitimacy to these causes in the wider culture.

Marxism is rarely sold as what it is: a one-way ticket to misery. Instead, it enters under false labels, such as “racial equity,” “social justice,” or “ending homophobia.”

Critical Race Theory, an offshoot of Marxist Critical Theory, has been embraced by many unwary clergy as a path to “equality.” It is anything but.

CRT says the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery, that America is “systemically racist,” and that white people are racists from birth and must admit their guilt.  It says that blacks and other minorities are hopelessly and helplessly fated to be victims of “white nationalism” – unless we get a Marxist regime that imposes “equity,” a system of forced outcomes.

This is a wicked recipe for bitterness and racial strife.

The good news is that CRT and other Marxist indoctrination programs are being unmasked. Parents are challenging school boards and fighting draconian vax and mask mandates. They do not want their children growing up mouthing socialist slogans and hating America.

In many instances, Christians are leading the charge. But in areas dominated by liberal churches, theocratic Marxists have joined forces with leftist politicians who are bent on criminalizing dissent.

Who is behind this dangerous doctrine and what should we do to meet the threat?

Trevor Loudon is the author of “White House Reds: Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for US President, 2020.”

An author, filmmaker, and public speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand, Trevor Loudon has for more than 30 years researched radical Left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.

Mr. Loudon’s thesis is that what is commonly regarded as mainstream political policy is in fact driven and guided by hidden subversive elements.

Trevor Loudon believes that these forces must be exposed and countered, as America’s continued role as a bastion of freedom is pivotal for the future of western civilization.

Some of Mr. Loudon’s accomplishments:

He is the author of “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” and “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”

He is currently working on his new film with Director Judd Saul: “Enemies Within: The Church.”

Trevor’s hard-hitting political documentary, “The Enemies Within,” was released in 2016.

In collaboration with the Capital Research Center, Mr. Loudon and director Judd Saul created a series of mini-documentaries free to the public:

“America Under Siege: Civil War 2017”

“America Under Siege: Soviet Islam”

“America Under Siege: Antifa”

Trevor Loudon discovered in 2007 the long-hidden relationship between notorious Hawaiian Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and the young Barack Obama.

After extensively researching Obama’s ties to the New York and Chicago Marxist movements, Loudon began publishing his findings online, catching the eye of such prominent voices as Accuracy in Media and syndicated radio host Glenn Beck.

In 2009, Loudon exposed the communist roots of Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones. After an extensive campaign by Glenn Beck and others, Jones was forced to resign from his White House position.

Loudon has addressed more than 400 conservative, tea party, religious, and Republican groups in more than 37 states.

Loudon has interviewed many people from both sides of the struggle over the years, including former Western intelligence officers, government undercover operatives inside the communist movement, and former KGB officers.

This research has given Loudon unique insight into how extensively often even minuscule communist parties have been able to manipulate, and even control, policy formation in many Western countries – particularly the “main enemy”: the United States of America. Loudon’s research shows that this is not just a historical problem, but is a very grave and looming threat that will not only impact America’s national security but indeed our very survival.

Trevor proudly serves as a fellow at both the American Freedom Alliance and the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, and Social Thought.

Please join us for this informative, stimulating discussion.

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