JW’s TOM FITTON: There’s a conspiracy to protect anti-Trump whistleblower over fear of bias being exposed

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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joins the Dom Giordano Program to give an update about three pressing topics, including the impeachment inquiry, Russiagate, and the Epstein investigation. First, Dom asks Tom about allegations from Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali, who reported that White House aides were certain that Vice President Mike Pence would support using the 25th Amendment to force Trump from office. Then, Dom and Tom get into the alleged tweets of Trump’s whistleblower, which made references to a coup d’etat to overthrow the presidency, and Dom asks Tom about the legality of exposing the whistleblower. Also, Tom discusses a groundbreaking report by Judicial Watch about Russiagate, and Tom gives his thoughts on the ongoing Epstein conspiracy and a Project Veritas video released this week which claims that ABC squashed a comprehensive story about Epstein’s checkered past.

Original story here.

Judicial Watch

Author: Judicial Watch

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