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“This amendment is reckless, insulting, and diminishes the value of women and mothers in Iowa,” proclaimed State Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D-Story) at both the end of her statement in the subcommittee and the full committee regarding HSB41, “the life amendment.”

The discrimination and hatred spewed against unborn Iowans and the mockery of women and mothers stuck like a knife in me as I held my child close. Representative Wessel-Kroeschell, you are gravely mistaken in what this amendment means to this woman and mother in Iowa, allow me to expound:

HSB41 is a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution that “the State of Iowa does not recognize, grant, or secure a right to abortion or require public funding of abortion.”

Truly, this amendment is a response to the Reynolds Iowa Supreme Court decision in 2018 and has more to do with judicial overreach than abortion. However, Wessel-Kroeschell focused her argument on the notion that this amendment would outlaw all abortions in Iowa and this is taking away “freedoms,” “healthcare,” and insulting women and mothers.

Representative Wessell-Kroechell, your comments are the only thing insulting and diminishing towards women and mothers of Iowa. As women and as mothers we are created with the unique abilities to grow life, protect life, and nurture life.

Your comments and position on abortion directly undermine a core part of a woman and a mother. Since the ruling of Roe v. Wade, the notion has been pushed that “abortion is freedom! And abortion is healthcare!” Let me translate those statements: “Murdering my child is my right and no one can tell me otherwise! And though healthcare is ‘to do no harm,’ harming and murdering my child doesn’t count.”

Harsh? Reality.

A mother’s womb is supposed to be a safe, comforting, soothing environment for a child to grow and develop, but you make a mockery of that child and what it means to be a mother by “empowering” women to murder their children. Destroying a critical component of who a woman is and destroying her child is wicked and steals so much from a woman.

Society says, “it’s just a clump of cells” or “just take these pills and everything will be okay.” But once you hear that heartbeat, once you see your child on the ultrasound or once you hold that child in your arms, you realize what true empowerment is.

True empowerment is protecting your child, nurturing your child, pushing past all the challenges that come with pregnancy and motherhood (even if that means making the hard decision to give your child up for adoption) and bringing your child into the world victoriously!

Being a mother is one of my greatest joys and I wouldn’t change that for the world. 

During the subcommittee and the full committee, Wessel-Kroechell also commented that this amendment would keep young women from wanting to come live in Iowa. Well, as a young woman, I want to live in a state that protects all life, in this case, the unborn. I want to live in a state that truly values mothers and doesn’t try to entice them with the vicious lie that murdering your child is “freedom.” I want to live in a state that values children no matter their age, including gestational age.

Representative Wessel-Kroechell your position is reckless, insulting, and diminishes the value of women and mothers in Iowa. I pray that someday you will see the truth and seek to protect the most innocent and helpless Iowans.

Ironically, many years ago I used to hold some similar positions to you, but eventually, I could no longer deny the truth that no matter the gestational age, a baby is their own life and that life should be protected. We should be truly empowering women and mothers to protect life, cherish motherhood and disregard the murderous voices shouting in the background. This is what it means to value women and this is what it means to value mothers.

Author: Kelsey Kennedy

Kelsey Kennedy is a wife and a mother. She's writing under a pseudonym.


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