Keys to Great Health in 2019 & Beyond!

My wife and I have been working with people in the area of health & nutrition for more than 10 years. This time of year, everybody sets out to make changes for the new year.  Truth is only 8 percent of people reach the goals they set every year. Most fall off within 10–14 days of starting.

What are the keys to reaching your health goals? After working with many people here are the keys I see as most important.

  1. Find a coach and surrender to the plan they lay out for you.
  2. Stay coachable and accountable.
  3. Realize it is a journey and a new way of life, not just a weight loss program.
  4. Learn about the 5 pillars of health. Exercise, nutrition(food), stress, sleep and supplementation. We will go into each of these in the articles to come.
  5. Don’t Quit!

I am a husband, father of five kids and have a career as well, so the plan for me must be simple.

I work out 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes at home with simple exercises, eat clean 80 percent of the time, get great sleep and take some phenomenal nutritional products to fill in nutritional deficiencies. It has to be simple for me as a busy dad!

My wife Jenna also follows this same plan. She had plateaued after our last child and was not able to breakthrough. She launched out a new program called Slim & Trim through AdvoCare that incorporates all five key pillars of health and lost 15 pounds in just under a month. Best part is she is feeling great!

My friend Greg, who is 50 years old, incorporated this same lifestyle and lost 40 pounds in around four months. My buddy Brandon, who was already in great shape, also dropped four pounds and four inches in just under a month. Great job to all of them.

Over the next few weeks we will give you simple keys to get started right in 2019! Reach out for any questions you may have to reach your health goals. We love to help!

God Bless and Great Health.

Michael De Jong

Author: Michael De Jong

Michael lives in Sioux Center, Iowa. If you are interested in improving your health & wellness, let him know! You can contact him at 712-339-5433 or visit his website at!