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Debate is raging across social media and America on whether children conceived in rape have a right to life. As states continue to push pro-life measures through legislatures, the Left and some on the Right even, are continuing to make a case for maintaining the “right” to kill a person conceived in rape.

I was listening to a commentator discuss this issue once and remember them saying something along the lines of this…are you willing to look someone who was conceived in rape in the eye and tell them their life is any less valuable than your own? That while you have a right to life, they do not simply because of something their father did.


That’s always stuck with me.

And Rebecca Kiessling is one of those people who was conceived in rape.

Rebecca, president of Save the 1, took to Facebook on Thursday to address the debate swirling around the life issue.

She responded to concerns people have about an 11-year old who is raped and becomes pregnant.

Kiessling said the younger a girl is the more likely it is they’ve been raped for years and it’s more likely someone in the home or a family member who has been raping her. It’s also more likely she’s very far along in her pregnancy.

“It’s far more dangerous to do a late-term abortion,” Kiessling said. “Sometimes she’s at the stage where you can actually just deliver right away. No matter what she’s going to have to go through labor. A second trimester abortion is a three-day process involving laminaries where you have to dilate her cervix and it’s not like she’s going to be spared delivery.

“No matter what, she’s going to have a deliver a baby. It’s just a question of whether this will be a live baby or a dead baby.”

Given the likelihood she’s been raped for years, Kiessling said it’s likely they’re being trafficked by their mothers or being left unprotected. Often the girls’ own mother will take the victim for an abortion to protect the mother’s boyfriend, husband or other family member.

“We know that rapists, sex traffickers and child molesters love abortion,” Kiessling said. “Because it destroys the evidence. And it allows them to continue perpetrating. We have story after story within our organization of girls who were raped for years and years and it was just one abortion after another after another and all it did was protect him and allow him to continue raping.”

She said studies show once a girl gives birth the rape ends. Not only for her, but other girls in the home being raped. Rape victims, Kiessling said, are four times more likely to die within the next year after the abortion.

“Abortion does not bring healing. More violence in her body does not bring healing. All it does is serve to hurt her more,” Kiessling said. “We know they have a higher murder rate because it helps perpetuate that abusive situation. Rape victims who abort have a higher rate of suicide and drug overdose.

“It is the baby who is ultimately the hero of the story, who reveals the rape and protects her and brings her healing. The baby is not the scary enemy.”

What about in the case of a pregnant 11 year old? Save The 1 President Rebecca Kiessling addresses this in a short video.#PunishRapistsNotBabies #RapistsLoveAbortion Visit www.savethe1.com for more info.

Posted by Save The 1 on Thursday, May 16, 2019

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