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King for Congress declares victory for Congressman Steve King in the WHOtv/KCAU TV debate that took place on Des Moines WHOtv and Sioux City’s KCAU television today. The debate was moderated by WHOtv’s Dave Price, and it featured in studio appearances from Congressman Steve King, Jeremy Taylor, and Bret Richards. ‘Red Flag’ Randy Feenstra, perhaps nervous at having to defend his record of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from groups that promote ‘red flag’ gun-control laws and amnesty for illegal aliens, chose to appear only via a remote camera.

“Voters who watched the debate saw a clear choice between the conservative they know and trust, Steve King, and ‘Red Flag’ Randy Feenstra, a man who is backed by groups pushing Amnesty and gun-control,” said Jeff King, Campaign Manager, King for Congress. “Not only was ‘Red Flag’ Randy Feenstra unwilling to appear in person at the debate, but when he did speak the other candidates in the race frequently called him out for his inability to give straight answers to questions. ‘Red Flag’ Randy even refused to renounce National Right to Life for killing the HeartBeat bill in Congress. Steve King was in command of the issues, led the debate from start to finish, and reminded everyone why he remains the preferred candidate for 4th District Republicans.”

More WINNING: After the debate was aired, the Iowa Standard released an independent poll they commissioned which shows King surging to a 14-point lead in the 4th District primary field. The poll, which surveyed likely voters, shows King receiving a commanding share of the vote at 45%, a whopping 14 points over his nearest competitor, ‘Red Flag’ Randy Feenstra, who only received 31% support. Jeremy Taylor finished third in the poll, receiving 11%. The margin of error for the poll was 3%.

The following finding in the survey should prove to be especially interesting for those closely following this race: “Of interest, there were 71 responses from Sioux City. King performed well in Sioux City, receiving 36 of those 71 votes.”

According to the Iowa Standard: “The company that The Iowa Standard used for the poll was one of the few pollsters in America that predicted Trump’s victory in 2016. They had Trump winning Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”