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Congressman Steve King has highlighted the irony in the recent revelations about Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who was recorded in the days following Jan. 6 suggesting President Donald J. Trump should resign.

McCarthy denied reports of what he said, but recordings were released shortly after, which hampered McCarthy’s efforts to hide what he was saying in conversations about Trump.


King is pointing out the karma McCarthy is receiving after McCarthy has spent years praising The New York Times, capitulating to Liz Cheney and Democrat leadership as well as booting members off committees who fight the most against the progressive agenda.

“The New York Times is McCarthy’s Bible,” King told The Gateway Pundit. “McCarthy more or less worshipped the New York Times and the New York Times reporter to me. He said the New York Times would not make a mistake; they are professionals — they wouldn’t make a mistake even in punctuation. Now here we are, the New York Times turned around and laid this on him.”

McCarthy assured Cheney in leaked audio from a private conversation that he would advise Trump to resign after Cheney referred to Jan. 6 and the 25th Amendment. McCarthy also added members of Congress who complained about the rigged election results should be censored and banned from social media platforms — along with President Trump.

King said McCarthy acts with “cunning duplicity” and will do whatever is necessary to become Speaker of the House.

“Every move that he makes goes through the filter – the calculation of, ‘Does it hurt me or help my prospects to become Speaker of the House?’ That’s his abiding goal in life. Most of us that have been around him have recognized that for a number of years. Whatever heavy-handed stuff that he thinks he can get away with that advances that cause, that’s what he will do,” King said. “People being removed from committees was almost unheard of until McCarthy came on the scene.”

Unfortunately few Republicans in the House have been willing to criticize McCarthy. King said that is because elected representatives quickly become compromised.

“Almost all of them are compromised – wherever they might stand on any of those issues,” he said. “Here’s how that works. A freshman gets elected and most of them are ideological, they want to go make a difference and they’ve got an agenda. They get in and leadership says to them, ‘Now, you elected people to come into Washington, we are going to give you orientation.’ For me, that was eleven days — two days of orientation and nine days of indoctrination.

“And they’ll tell you this: ‘Your job is to raise money. You go to your committee and vote when you have to, go to the floor and vote when you have to. Otherwise, we’ll bring you over to the National Republican Congressional Committee. Pick up the phone and dial down through this list and raise money. Then you give the money to the party and that will have a lot to do with your next committee assignment and a lot to do with your pathways into leadership or your legislation that might be getting passed. And if you don’t do that, they will shut down your endeavor. They are policing it through all of this.”

King said McCarthy “controls” everything, making decisions on what committees representatives will be on, whether they’ll serve as a subcommittee chair, a full committee chair or an honorable role like the whip, deputy whip or something similar.

“McCarthy controls every assignment,” King said. “He will say the Steering Committee makes those decisions, that’s a flat-out lie. The Steering Committee is handpicked by McCarthy and their assignments depend also upon the goodwill of McCarthy. Every gavel, McCarthy can kill. He can bypass somebody that has 15 years of seniority over the second guy because he doesn’t like what they say or think. If he says to the PACs on K street, ‘don’t send money to candidate X,’ they don’t send money.”

McCarthy will withhold legislation unless representatives play ball with leadership.
“He also decides whether you do foreign travel or not — that comes right out of the mouth of Kevin McCarthy,” King said.
If they don’t work with McCarthy, King said the invitations representatives were getting to give speeches and build their network and support from the NGOs will dry up or possibly stop immediately if McCarthy decides to deliver that message.
According to King, McCarthy uses racial, ethnic and sexual quotas in political calculations like endorsing candidates and selecting committee assignments.
Every Republican member of Congress is forced to raise money for the National Republican Congressional Committee, and then the NRCC uses that money to advance identity politics under the guise of “equity,” “diversity” and “affirmative action” and fund the campaigns of progressive candidates.
King said his refusal to fundraise for the left-wing causes of the NRCC angered McCarthy. The friction between King and McCarthy hit a boiling point when King brought forward the Heartbeat Bill, he said:

I brought the Heartbeat Protection Act to Congress. I had 174 cosponsors on that bill – that’s almost twice as many as you need to get a markup in a committee. I had a hundred percent promise to get the mark up in the Judiciary Committee, not a promise to go to the floor, but we had the votes to pass it,” King said. “Kevin McCarthy flat killed that bill in December 2018 while we had floor time to do it. I pushed the issue until I forced an answer, but he killed it. He did this damage to the pro-life movement. At that time, I was the strongest pro-life voice in the country, and he killed it off. McCarthy attacked me. He said that’s not the platform. He excoriated me for defending those babies.

“Then, Kevin McCarthy continued to agitate from behind the scenes. The establishment globalists decided they wanted to get rid of me and unloaded everything on me in the fall of 2018. They had already had a few million dollars lined up against me on the Democrat side – I could withstand all that they would throw at me on that side. But a week out from the elections, Steve Stivers, then-chairman of the NRCC, tried to politically assassinate me — calling me a ‘racist,’ ‘bigot’ and every kind of ‘phobe.’ My ‘close friends’ in the Republican Party started to say, ‘Steve King is going to lose his seat’ and undermining me.”

King said nothing will change until leadership changes.

“Every single institution in America has been influenced or corrupted by the leftists and new world order proponents,” he said. “That explains the Never Trumpers and the elitists and the establishment. They are aggressive, they are well-funded and there’s a network of this. They will perpetuate this same thing over and over again.”

King has written extensively about his experience in his recent book, “Walking Through the Fire: My Fight for the Heart and Soul of America.”

You can order the book here.

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  1. Not just McCarthy, but McConnell and all of the rats jockeying for leadership in DC. More interested in their own power and image rather than the people’s inalienable rights. Same scenario with the Mini-Me’s in Des Moines.


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