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Congressman Steve King told those in attendance at the Dickinson County GOP fundraiser that their freedoms are under assault in the streets of America. King talked about the threat to America from within and predicted the Supreme Court may work to overturn some “precedent-setting” cases it has decided that fly in the face of the Constitution.

He opened by talking about the riots and looting that happened in the summer in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

“I still haven’t seen anybody put one shred of racism within that incident,” King said. “And it was a disgusting thing to watch, but I still didn’t see racism.”

Despite that, national demonstrations were sparked over racism.

“They burned about five miles of businesses over in Minneapolis,” King said.

What has happened in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland is an attack on “western civilization.”

“And western civilization is defined by everywhere a footprint of Jesus Christ laid the foundation for culture and civilization,” he said. “Today we are –in the United States of America—the flagship for western civilization.

“When you see them tear down a George Washington statute and a Thomas Jefferson statute and a Lincoln statute and a Churchhill statue and a Frederick Douglas statute – you know that they’re attacking our foundation, our history – the things that made America great. And they’re being taught in our universities that America is not a great nation.”

He told a story from when he was in the Iowa Senate. King read through the code of Iowa and read that each child in Iowa shall receive a multicultural, nonsexist, global education. It was in the law in 1997 he said.

“And I thought, I don’t want that,” he said.

King said back then he told media every child in Iowa should be taught that the United States is the “unchallenged greatest nation in the world” and that we derive our strength from free enterprise capitalism, western civilization and Judeo Christian values.

“Every Democrat had their light on the next morning to lambast me for saying something that was so obvious,” King said. “That was 1997 and this is now 2020 and this has now come out in the streets all over America. We must confront them. We must defend our values and our way of life or they will take this over and turn America into something different.”

King hit on the Hunter Biden situation as well.

“I cannot believe that Hunter Biden had time to do all the nasty things that appear to have evidence behind them today,” King said. “It looks like Hunter Biden was maybe on something when he turned his laptop into the fella that fixes laptops.”

He added that, according to Rudy Giuliani, there will be more information coming out in the future about Hunter Biden.

“I don’t know how Joe Biden can stand up and say I ought to be President of the United States,” King said. “They impeached our President over zero evidence of anything that had to do with a high crime or misdemeanor or even any kind of transgression that would cause us one bit of moral concern. And we’re the ones that are the moral judges in this country – not those other folks. But they impeached him.

“If those standards that they applied to Donald Trump are enough to justify int heir minds impeaching him, how are they going to argue that if Joe Biden is elected President that he doesn’t deserve to be impeached when the paper trail and the money and the videos and the pictures and all that disgusting stuff comes home to roost. So we have a mission, we have to tell people what’s out there and we have to bring those votes home.”

King predicted Trump would win Iowa by nearly double digits. He believes Republicans will hold or possibly expand the majority in the Iowa House.

After losing the primary in June, King said he started writing a book.

“It’s on the cusp of being published right now,” King said. “It’s ‘Walking Through the Fire’ and it tells the story about – as Andrew Breitbart would say ‘walk towards the fire, their bullets aren’t real,’ – so I walked towards the fire alright and at a certain point, you get to a point where the fire engulfs you and then you have to walk through it. Everything in this book is factual.”

Amy Coney Barrett drew rave reviews from King, the former chairman of the Constitution Committee in the United States of Representatives.

“I care about this document that I’ve carried in my jacket pocket for about 25 or more years – any time I had a jacket to put it in,” he said. “And I’ve defended it. I’ve gone to court to defend constitutional principles and I’ve spent my kids’ inheritance in order to do it. I believe in this Constitution.”

King predicted Justice John Roberts will become a more reliable vote on the Supreme Court with Barrett’s confirmation. If President Donald Trump is able to confirm another justice, he said it should be a 7-2 majority.

“Then march through these precedent cases that have so eroded our Constitution,” King said. “When I was a freshman in high school they took away prayer in the public school, not based on a constitutional principle, based on an activist principle. Then came Griswold vs. Connecticut, right to privacy, and what came out of that was Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and 62 million babies aborted.

“Kelo decision, property rights, they were taken away. They amended the Constitution by a Supreme Court decision and, by the way, Justice Scalia told me he believes that will be reversed someday.”

He finished by suggesting the court overturn Obergefell.

“If the legislature wants to pass gay marriage, they’ve got a constitutional right to do that,” King said. “But the court imposing a complete transformation on our society that we had never experienced and didn’t advocate and didn’t pass in any state in the union and flipping that thing overnight and we accepted it because we thought they wear black robes and they’re smarter than us. This can all be reversed with a court that will be a 6-3 court at minimum with Amy Coney Barrett seated there and I’m really, really, really looking forward to this.”

Author: Jacob Hall