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Congressman Steve King released this statement following his vote in support of President Donald J. Trump’s National Emergency Declaration. In February, President Trump declared a National Emergency to address the national security and humanitarian crisis occurring on the nation’s border with Mexico, a declaration King supports.  On March 15, President Trump issued the first veto of his presidency when he vetoed H.J. Res 46, legislation designed to terminate his National Emergency declaration. King voted in support of the President’s actions by voting against overriding the President’s veto. The effort to overturn President Trump’s veto failed on a vote of 248-181 with King voting “No.” Because it did not receive the 290 votes needed to overturn in the House, President Trump’s veto was sustained.

“The most effective way to put an end to the illegal alien caravans seeking to enter our country illegally is to build a border wall because it’s been proven that walls work,” said King. “In Yuma, Arizona illegal alien crossings and arrests dropped by 90.7% after fencing was installed at the border. In San Diego, illegal alien crossings and arrests dropped by 95.3% after structures were erected between their town and Tijuana, Mexico. In Israel, illegal border crossings from Egypt were virtually eliminated, falling 99.7% after a wall was erected to stop them. Walls work, the President is correct in his assessment of the National Emergency on the border, and those who voted to overturn President Trump’s veto should be ashamed of placing the political interests of the open borders/cheap labor lobby ahead of the American public’s interest in meaningful border security.”


Author: Press Release