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According to Steve Kirsch, the COVID injections are causing heart damage for “pretty much everyone” who receives them. That is Kirsch’s latest assertion, which he wrote about on Oct. 21.

Kirsch said that in Canada, the medical community isn’t allowing doctors to measure troponin levels prior to vaccination.

But, he said, a new study shows nearly everyone getting the mRNA COVID shots are experiencing some amount of heart damage.

Kirsch encourages his readers to watch this episode from Vinay Prasad:

Specifically, Kirsch told his readers to look at the 6:21 mark in the video:

Kirsch pointed to a new study from Switzerland that shows vaccinated individuals have uniformly higher troponin levels than unvaccinated people. The graph above, which was pulled from the video, shows 777 people who got the booster in the study have uniformly higher troponin levels than their matched unvaccinated peers.

“That is not supposed to happen,” Kirsch wrote. “If the vaccines are safe, the troponin levels should be nearly identical between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.

Professor Prasad said:

It’s not just the tip of the distribution that has elevated high sensitivity troponin, it’s that the entire distribution is right shifted. Everybody’s having a little bit of elevation in high sensitivity troponin. That’s what this graph would have you infer.

Kirsch said a troponin elevation when there is damage to the heart.

Troponin is a type of protein found in the muscles of your heart. Troponin isn’t normally found in the blood. When heart muscles become damaged, troponin is sent into the bloodstream. As heart damage increases, greater amounts of troponin are released in the blood

“What the study shows is that nearly everyone is getting a little heart damage when they get the COVID vaccine, some get a lot more damage than others,” Kirsch wrote.

According to a study from Thailand, 1 in 28 boys who received the shot developed subclinical myocarditis.

“It appears that most of the rest are having heart damage that is below the threshold to be classified as subclinical myocarditis,” Kirsch wrote. “We are left with the inescapable conclusion that the vaccine is injuring the heart muscle in nearly everyone who gets the shot.”

Kirsch said professor Christian Mueller, who conducted the study, is well respected and has authored many publications on cardiac injury in the scientific literature.

One Canadian physician said after the COVID shots rolled out, the rules changed. Now troponin is only measured when people are in the hospital.

“That way, doctors can’t compare your troponin before getting the shot to the level after the shot,” Kirsch wrote. “It’s a clever technique to make sure nobody finds out how dangerous the shots are. I’d expect other countries to adopt this policy so that the data isn’t out there.”


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