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2019 is the year that shattered the Feminist Mystique that the Democrat Party’s support for abortion rights represents most American women rather than a fringe minority.  It also revealed a socio-political reality that will re-align national politics and elections for decades to come.  With the Iowa Caucus less then a year away, the Feminist Mystique is still consumed and upheld by the current crop of Democrat Presidential candidates displaying their own lack of political savvy and raising serious questions about their ability to win the Presidency.


Democrat Presidential Candidates

Cory Booker, the Junior Senator from New Jersey displayed his cluelessness when he penned a “Letter to Men” in GQ;

“An open letter to all men—

On Monday, the country watched as 25 men in the Alabama state Senate voted to make abortion a felony in the state . . . Across the country, women are leading efforts to fight back—just like they have in every single struggle for freedom in our country’s history. From Alabama state Senators Linda Coleman-Madison and Vivian Davis Figures, to Senators Nikema Williams and Jen Jordan in Georgia, to Missouri state Senators Jill Schupp and Lauren Arthur—it’s women in state legislatures who are taking a stand on behalf of their constituents against these far-right attacks.  (https://www.gq.com/story/cory-booker-open-letter-to-men-on-abortion)

Kamala Harris, the Junior Senator from California decide to one up him sending out an email quoted in the Huffington Post;

“This isn’t a scene from The Handmaid’s Tale,” Harris wrote Wednesday. “This is happening in Alabama — in our country — in the year 2019. . .This is a blatant attack on Roe v. Wade,” Harris said in her email. “It is a direct attack on women across our country. Restricting access to safe, legal abortion puts women’s lives at risk.” (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/kamala-harris-alabama-abortion-handmaids-tale_n_5cdc4d13e4b0337da4ac3113)

The New York Times ran an article “In Abortion Fight, 2020 Female Candidates Lead Call to Arms” and Rolling Stone Magazine ran “How Alabama Women Are Fighting Back Against the Country’s Most Oppressive Abortion Law.”  Top media outlets and Democrat Candidates bought into the Feminist Mystique showing the disconnect from reality that allowed Donald Trump to first win the Republican Nomination and then the White House with a Republican Majority in Congress in 2016.

The Feminist Mystique

The Feminist Mystique developed as a media strategy by Eleanor Smeal, President of the National Organization for Women.  In 1980, Smeal termed the phrase “gender gap” regarding how men and women vote differently, followed by a media campaign to re-enforce the Feminist Mystique that women are feminists and support abortion rights.  In 1986, the National Organization for Women organized the “March for Women’s Lives”.  The following year in 1987, crediting a Newsweek story that most American women are feminists, founded the Feminist Majority Foundation.  Followed in 1989 by the “Mobilize for Women’s Lives Rally,” 1992 “March for Women’s Lives” and the 2004 “March for Women’s Lives.”

The Democrat Party seized on this during the 1980’s – Geraldine Ferraro was nominated as Vice-President in 1984 and was an avid defender of abortion rights.  Bill Clinton described Hillary Clinton as his “co-President” and appointed multiple pro-choice Women to visible office; Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno, Alexis Herman, Hazel R. O’ Leary serving as U.N. Ambassador, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Labor and Secretary of Energy.  This image was damaged by revelations and accusations about his extra-marital affairs and allegations of sexual assaults and use of the Secret Service to silence his accusers.  But the Mystique endured after he left office.

Democrat Presidential Candidates playing on this are about to be mugged by reality.

Cracks Begin to Appear

The first major cracks in this image began to appear in 2016, when Hillary Clinton declared on The View

“of course, you can be a feminist and be pro-life . . . And I respect the opinions and beliefs of every woman.” (https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-feminist-pro-life/story?id=38166581)

Those cracks intensified when exit polls revealed 53% of white women and 31% of Latino women voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.  With the recent wave of legislation from New York to Alabama in the Abortion Wars, the real story was buried by the same Beltway Media and Political Strategists who are clueless about what’s happening in America.


Media Outlets and Social Media made a point of deriding the 25 men in Alabama and emphasizing the narrative that only three women had a say in the abortion law.  CNN –

“25 men voted to advance most restrictive abortion ban in the country. The female governor signed it.” (https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/15/politics/alabama-abortion-ban-bill-who-voted/index.html)

Bill Maher on Real Time made fun of it warning women might flee Alabama for California en-mass and a possible; “womb drain”


None of these outlets seemed to aware of what the situation really is in Alabama.  Far from a Fascist Male Patriarchal State – Alabama appears to be a Southern Matriarchy.  In 1892, Matilda Jocelyn Gage published Woman, Church and State describing the popular theory of Matriarchy;

“A form of society existed at an early age known as the Matriarchate or Mother-rule. Under the Matriarchate, except as son and inferior, man was not recognized in either of these great institutions, family, state or church. A father and husband as such, had no place either in the social, political or religious scheme; woman was ruler in each. The primal priest on earth, she was also supreme as goddess in heaven. The earliest semblance of the family is traceable to the relationship of mother and child alone.”

In Alabama Women are 51% of the population.  Women make up 52% of the voters and in the 2018 mid-term elections female voters cast 957,451 votes compared to male voters casting 764,217 votes.  The Governor of Alabama is the second woman to hold that office and so are the Chairs of both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  The Alabama State Legislature is advised on Policy Matters by the Alabama Women’s Commission.  The National Organization for Women, League of Women Voters, Concerned Women for America and Eagle Forum have active chapters in Alabama.  In 2008, the Republican Ticket with Sarah Palin carried the state with 60% of the Vote and in 2016 Hillary Clinton won the Alabama Democrat Primary with 60% of the vote.

Alabama ratified it’s current Constitution in 1901.  Prior to ratification they listened to both Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Catt Chapman, but declined to give women the vote which would have imposed Poll Taxes on women over 21 years of age, which every man was obligated to pay like the Draft and Jury Duty.  They did however establish a State Constitutional Right for Female Property Owners in Section 209;

“Property rights of females; property of wife not liable for debts, etc., of husband.

The real and personal property of any female in this state, acquired before marriage, and all property, real and personal, to which she may afterwards be entitled by gift, grant, inheritance, or devise, shall be and remain the separate estate and property of such female, and shall not be liable for any debts, obligations, or engagements of her husband, and may be devised or bequeathed by her, the same as if she were a femme sole.


They did however ratify the Nineteenth Amendment in 1953 decades after it went into effect.  In 1977, the Alabama Supreme Court declared in Peddy vs. Montgomery the State Constitution provision;

Equality and rights of men

That all men are equally free and independent; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Referred to both men and women using “man” and “men” as a pluralized term for mankind, while specifically keeping special female rights of Section 209.  Alabama also relies on the Federal Government regarding sex discrimination law, meaning that the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, not State Government, polices enforcement of employment practice  with Title VII, The Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

Economically Alabama women own 45.8% of the businesses.  Management, business, science, and arts occupations are 54% female, business and financial operations occupations 58% female, Education, legal, community service, arts and media occupations 65% female, Community and social services occupations 57% female, Legal Occupations 49% Female and Education, training and library occupations are 73% Female.  And in job incomes women earn more then men in tax brackets from $1 to $50K incomes.

In 2016, 44.5% of mothers were breadwinners for their families and 19.2% were Co-Breadwinners totaling 63% of mothers.


And at the University of Alabama undergraduate students are 55.5% female and 44.4% male.


Alabama is if anything a Southern Matriarchal State ran by American Women, who are directly are challenging Roe vs. Wade, a Supreme Court Ruling, decided by Nine Aging Men and handed down in the era where pregnancy discrimination against females was legal and widely practiced.  It was also before 4D Ultrasound shared the full extent of the pre-natal maternal experience.


When Andrew Cuomo signed into law New York State’s expanded Abortion Rights bill and lit up  the World Trade Center he dramatically distracted from the fact that New York State is far more Patriarchal then Alabama.  Governor Cuomo is the eldest son of Mario Cuomo, also Governor of New York. In 2006 he ascended to his fathers office by defeating his female opponent Jeanine Pirro.  His younger brother Chris Cuomo is one of CNN’s Political Stars repeatedly attacking Donald Trump.  While New York State has multiple women’s political and feminist organizations it still has never had a woman Governor or ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.  Despite being the birthplace of American Feminism, it was also the birthplace of the Anti-Suffrage movement and didn’t grant women the right to vote till 1917, decades after Wyoming, Colorado and Utah extended the franchise.  New York had not even elected or appointed a woman to the U.S. Senate until Hillary Clinton ran for office (Alabama had already appointed two women to the U.S. Senate).  Only 25% of businesses in New York State are owned by women (Census Bureau).


This dynamic is becoming more and more visible across the country.  Iowa led the country with the heartbeat bill last year in 2018.  Like Alabama, it was signed into law by Kim Reynolds, a woman Governor.  Iowa has a State Equal Rights Amendment.  It is represented by Senator Joni Ernst. In 2018 there were 100,000 more female registered voters in Iowa then male voters with a 61% female turn-out to a 60% male turn-out.

Utah has also enacted stringent anti-abortion legislation – it also gave women both the right to vote and equal rights in their State Constitution in 1896, after Congress took away women’s right to vote as a territory in 1887.

A comparison of the 2012 election map from “StatusofWomen.org” of women voter turn-out to the 2014 “FiveThirtEight.com” map of abortion restrictions shows that states with women voter turn-out in the top one and two-thirds are more likely to have abortion restrictions.  States that pushed abortion rights also have the worst female voter turn-out including New York and California.  This however should surprise anyone who did not buy into the Feminist Mystique in the first place.


In 1971, 10,000 rallied at the New York Women’s March for Life opposing abortion.  In 1972, Phyllis Schlafly and her female organization STOP ERA launched a successful campaign defeating the Equal Rights Amendment over it’s believed effect on abortion and family financial support laws.  In 1976, Ellen McCormack became the first mom to run for President and also became the first woman to qualify for Federal Matching Funds and Secret Service Protection running exclusively on the Right to Life Platform in her campaign for the Democratic Nomination.  In 2010 Sarah Palin launched her “Pink Elephant” Movement upsetting Republican Male establishment figures with Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle and the successful election of Nikki Haley as South Carolina’s Governor.


Despite all this The U.S. Democrat Party is still not getting it and displaying an ignorance of social dynamics that is an even great bungle then George W. Bush Administrations inability to distinguish Shia from Sunni during the Iraq War.  Existentialist Abortion Rights Philosopher Simone de Beauvoir even grasped the basic social reality of abortion when she wrote The Second Sex;

“Men tend to take abortion lightly; they consider it one of those numerous accidents to which the malignity of nature has destined women: they do not grasp the values involved in it.  The woman repudiates feminine values, her values, at the moment the male ethic is contesting the most radical way.  Her whole moral future is shaken.” – Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

On May 18th, Kamala Harris tweeted a from her Twitter Account @SenKamalaHarris

#FBF to when I asked Brett Kavanaugh: Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body?

I’m still wondering.”

In doing so Kamala Harris again attempted to feebly push The Feminist Mystique and blatantly displayed she is not only out of touch with female voters, but also her own ignorance of the American male experience.

American male citizens are forced to turn over their bodies to the military every draft – who will dictate what they can wear, eat, haircut, mandatory physical conditioning and are forced to go into every danger zone and be physically shot, bombed and tortured.  Prior to the 1980’s every State Law held the husband in a marriage liable for the support of his wife and children regardless of who made the greater income.  And in many cases the father is still responsible for child support.  While the Alabama Law does not include criminal penalties for women, men face jail time if they cause a woman to miscarry under the UnBorn Victims of Violence Act.  Multiple states including California, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Oregon allow for chemical castration of male sex offenders.  Female children are protected from genital mutilation while males may be circumcised as infants.  And prior too 2014, rape was defined by the FBI as a crime in which the victim is exclusively female (even after revelations about male sex abuse in Schools and the Catholic Church).

The Democrat Presidential Field doesn’t grasp this anymore now, then Hillary did in 2008 when she campaigned in Ohio drinking beer with the men, that this might remind and alienate 18 year old Millennials that despite having the right to vote are criminalized for drinking alcohol.  In running on the Feminist Majority/Abortion Rights platform the Democrat Party is racing full speed ahead into the 2020 Election cycle on the Titanic and likely Hillary Clinton will most likely hit the ice-berg under the surface.  The consequence this time however may be in 2021, America will see not just a Republican Majority in Congress, but a Super-Majority and a third Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice.

Author: David Krouse

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