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The Democrat Party is a mess.  While Donald Trump easily won the Iowa Caucus, as expected, the Democrat Party was unable to even release its own results at the end of the night in what has become a familiar scenario of public relations disasters damaging the Party’s credibility in general and undermining its ability to persuade American voters it even deserves political power.

At the core of the issue is the Democrats’ lack of an ideology or political priorities that have popular appeal and are not dictated by its out of touch oligarchs.

Before the Iowa Caucus debacle, the DNC announced it can be bought, when it affected a rules change to help billionaire Michael Bloomberg.  This wasn’t just bad, this was a really bad move with a déjà vu of DNC trying to rig the process in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016.  It didn’t help that Hillary Clinton flirted with running in 2020 and has accused Congresswoman and Veteran Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset.

The campaigns didn’t help matters either with Elizabeth Warren’s pathetic attempt to play the woman card so late in the game against Bernie Sanders, only to be rebuffed by Tulsi Gabbard – who has made a strong point that as the only female war veteran and millennial to run for President she has been excluded from the debate stage and town-halls.

Pete Buttigieg, on the other hand, had a real woman problem when he told Kirsten Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America who first registered as a Democrat voter when Buttigieg was a six-year old, that voters like her didn’t have a place in the party and should agree that a woman should be the one to decide if abortion happens.  This was a slap in the face to Pro-Lifers, life-long Democrat voters and a major Democrat constituency that the Party has relied on to pass legislation for years.  It didn’t help the fact that the Louisiana Democrat Party, the only competitive Democrat Party in the southern United States is largely pro-life.

The debates last year were a little better.  Between advocating “diversity” prioritizing racial characteristics over shared political values as the basis for the Democrat Party and the United States of America and announcing enthusiastic support for abortion rights through all nine months for transgendered persons, the Democrat Presidential campaigns couldn’t have done a better job handing Donald Trump his campaign talking points if they had tried.

Then there was the announcement by three Democrat State Attorney Generals they were suing to get a Federal Judge to order the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  That’s not how it works, whether or not Congress can choose to change the ratification deadline (it can’t) that is a Congressional choice.  So far even the Democrat-controlled House hasn’t voted on such a resolution despite it being introduced.  Yet the Attorney General of Virginia displayed his arrogance and ignorance that should result in his removal from office by attempting to hijack the Constitutional ratification process and ratify by autocratic edict.  These Democrat Attorneys General also don’t seem to be sensitive to the fact that this looks like what it is — a back door attempt to enshrine abortion rights and other highly unpopular social issues in the Constitution without gaining attention till after the fact.  In an election year, Donald Trump just got another election boost with frightened voters.

The biggest disaster has been the Trump Impeachment that backfired dramatically.  Had Democrats not been calling for his impeachment the moment they lost the election and spent time obsessively peddling conspiracy theories, they would have had more credibility when they pursued impeachment.  Instead, after they failed to find grounds to impeach the President for what they wanted too, they found a crime they thought would fit.

At the same time, they tried to ignore whether Joe Biden, as Vice-President, had used his office to do the exact same thing and benefit his son.  In doing so they displayed a level of ignorance and arrogance regarding the fact that Americans are affected by the wealth gap and are sick of wealthy people using trusted positions to benefit their already privileged kids.  The College Admissions scandal should have been a clue as should the fact that one of the more resonating Democrat criticisms of Donald Trump has been how his Presidency has benefited his kids.  But Democrats didn’t get a clue and quickly moved to dismiss questions about Hunter Biden that should have also been front and center in the Congressional Proceedings.  The fact that John Bolton, yes that John Bolton, was quick to ally with them was another problem.

In the end the biggest damage done was when Nancy Pelosi declared that impeachment was required to save American Democracy and time sensitive, while withholding the Articles of Impeachment for over a month till even her own party members in the Senate lost patience.  The only major Republican to break ranks was Mitt Romney, who has struggled with the image that he is a Republican In Name Only and the defining moment of his political career so far has been losing the 2012 Presidential Election to Barack Obama. Trump’s acquittal will energize his base to not only re-elect him but hand him a strong majority in both House and Senate to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Central to all these failures has been allowing the narcissism of ideologue billionaires to replace actual values.  Since the New Deal, the Democrat Party has been the home of the labor movement, yet the Democrats have spent no time focused on what should be their first priority — funding the enforcement mechanisms of labor rights.

State Labor Commissions and Federal Enforcement agencies including OSHA, EEOC, etc . . . have backlogs of cases due to lack of funding.  Wage theft is a common problem with employees having billions stolen from them annually, yet it’s treated as a civil, not criminal matter.  Auditing Labor Law compliance is restricted to if an employee complains, not routine inspections and interviews to ensure compliance the way the taxpayers and incidentally homeschool parents are audited.

Despite multiple states requiring “sexual harassment” training, there are no mandatory new hire labor rights orientations.  Even worse, despite managers in a number of occupations having to obtain special certifications such as food handling or heavy equipment operating, there is no mandatory required Labor Law Certification for Management which can also be revoked for non-compliance.

There is no reform of unemployment despite the fact that it often forces workers into worse situations by paying a fraction of what employees were making and then requires them to accept work, while deducting any work they are able to obtain.  The result is that workers, especially minimum wage workers, are forced to survive on financial quicksand.  Social Security is no better with multiple people declaring it won’t be around after the baby boomers are done using it as if this is an inevitable fate. That this program only exists for the Baby Boomers and their benefit.  It doesn’t and if it isn’t going to be made solvent, collecting taxes for it is a worse form of fraud then Bernie Maddoff’s Ponzi-Scheme.

But Democrat Candidates preferred to live in their socialist utopias completely divorced from the reality of everyday Americans.  It’s not surprising, every on the Democrat Presidential contender has a MINIMUM net worth of a quarter of a million dollars.  The problems I raised are after all other people’s problems, not their problems.  It also explains why the Democrat Party is super focused on developing the perfect set of racial, sex and the LGBT + Alphabet soup of mental illnesses demographic characteristics over shared political values that would put them on the spot for their repeated failures.  It’s also why the Iowa Caucuses is currently under attack from multiple outlets.

Numerous claims are denouncing the Iowa Caucus as outdated, irrelevant, racist etc . . . In reality, it’s part of a move to take power away from Americans and put it in the hands of the beltway elites.  California for example since it introduced the Jungle Primary, boasts racial diversity, but actual Democracy is dead here with it becoming a one-party state that for the most part only allows Democrat candidates on the ballot.  Third Parties are disenfranchised from the General Election ballot altogether.  The result, of course, is Gavin Newsom, the sleazy smirking son of a Billionaire.

The favorite tactic of the Democrat oligarchs for the past several years has been to attack anything they don’t control.  Electoral College, the President, the U.S. Senate, the Republican Party, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein and the Green Party, Third Political Parties, the Supreme Court, anyone running for President not named Hillary Clinton – And now their target is the Iowa Caucus.

Since 1972 with the exception of 1992, the Iowa Caucus accurately predicted who would become the Party Nominee. More to the point Iowa is a Caucus system meaning that voters must care, show up and participate — unlike California where they are allowed to stand in long lines to pull a lever for a ballot that has been manipulated by the California Democrat Party to exclude dissent.  Assuming, of course, your name appears on the voter registration rolls in the first place.  It also has the benefit that unlike primaries, campaigns must actually show up and participate, they can’t simply rely on self-funded billionaire ad buys to propagandize millions of voters at mass.  Incidentally, open primaries like California don’t even require party membership, allowing any number of political groups to sway the state results.

If Iowa were to lose or share it’s First in the National, it should be to another swing state, such as Ohio, and it should require an actual caucus to gauge the enthusiasm or apathy of participants — not voters propagandized into casting a primary vote without a second thought by billionaire ad buyouts.  The fact that Iowa is not considered “diverse” enough is its strength not its weakness.  It signals that Iowan voters, like many other mid-western states, sneered at from the beltway for not measuring up to utopian interpretations of political values, are focused on the issues that matter to Americans and shared American political values.  Something that states like California clearly are not.

Author: David Krouse