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Moderna did a 45-person study of healthy adults receiving its COVID-19 vaccine. The group was broken into three groups. The first group received a 25-μg injection (unit dose), the second 100-μg, and the third a 250-μg injection.

After the first vaccination, systemic adverse events were reported by:

33% of the 25-μg group (5 participants)
67% of the 100-μg group (10 participants) and
53% in the 250-μg group (8 participants)

After the second shot, systemic adverse reactions were even more common:

54% occurred in the 25-μg group (7 of 13 participants)
100% of the 100-μg group (all 15 participants), and
100% of the 250-μg group, (all 14 participants)

“Moderna also seems to brush these off as not that bad, in their paper. Based on what I experienced, it’s bad,” said one participant. “I feel like people should know that the side effects may be severe, especially after the second shot.”

“Another coronavirus vaccine trial participant, testing Pfizer’s vaccine, similarly woke up with chills, shaking so hard he cracked a tooth after taking the second dose,” reported CNBC.

Keep in mind that these are healthy adults. What might this vaccine do to those with a compromised immune system?

Everyone in America must retain the freedom to decide what is best for his or her health. You and I should be able to decide which risk we prefer. We should not have our health risks dictated by the finger snap of a politician. Make your voice heard by sending an urgent fax to the desks of these politicians.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently made changes to the testing protocols for the COVID-19 vaccine because of the problems they see with it. The FDA is demanding two more thresholds for the vaccine to reach before it will approve the injection.

However, this rushed approval process will not expose ANY of the potential mid- or long-term reactions. It usually takes four to six years of continuous studies to find or ensure that there are no severe long-term consequence.

Even with this short delay, we are still on the cusp of this vaccine being available to the public and the march of radicals that want to subjugate your body to their fear. Inform our national and state leaders that individual Americans must have the freedom to choose or refuse this vaccine with your fax today.



Author: Mat Staver