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Liberty Counsel Action has made available a petition intended for key U.S. legislators urging them to “fight election fraud.”

Mat Staver, chairman of LC Action, wrote that there was an “outright hack” that breached voting systems in addition to “old-fashioned election fraud.”

SolarWinds Orion, a software firm, provided hackers with access to the U.S. Commerce and Treasury Departments, according to LC Action’s email.

“But what was not headlined in this story was that this also provided hackers access to Dominion Voting Systems, which used this firm,” Staver wrote.

Despite testimony and affidavits concerning the live internet connection and the recent forensic audit out of Michigan that showed Dominion’s voting machines can be connected to the internet, many have tried to “plug their ears and shout that it isn’t proof,” LC Action said.

“The Michigan report states, ‘Dominion ImageCast Precinct (ICP) machines have the ability to be connected to the internet…this demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity,'” Staver wrote. “This fatal error influenced election results. And, after weeks of research, I believe it flipped the election in crucial swing states.”

The petition can be accessed here.

It states:

Dear (Key U.S. Legislators Title and Name),

“We The People” have seen enough evidence of widespread fraud to change the outcome of this election. Thus, we urge you to act now. Object to these fraudulent attempts to control the future of America. And, on the basis that they were fake, we demand that you object to the election results for former Vice President Joe Biden.

We urge you to vote for President Trump as your duty to the Constitution and to uphold honest and accurate elections in America. The following are just a few examples of what has been discovered:
  • Forensic proof of computer algorithms changing votes from President Trump to former Vice President Biden in Michigan, which is the only forensic audit that was fully completed. (Nevada only had 72 hours, they had resistance from government officials where one even locked himself in his office, and insufficient access to the machines they were supposed to be analyzing.)
  • Unexplained stops in vote counting
  • Unexplained spikes in vote reporting that triggers fraud warnings
  • Equal ballot numbers publicly taken away from Trump that were given to Biden.
  • All Republicans were kicked out of key Pennsylvania precincts, breaking both state law and the state’s Supreme Court ruling.
  • A Philadelphia Mob Boss alleges that his team was filling out up to 6,000 fraudulent ballots per hour.
  • Multiple types of mail-in fraud
  • Refusal in Georgia to compare any signatures on ballot envelopes to any signatures on voter registration cards.
  • Illegally paying people for submitting a ballot and telling them to vote for Biden
  • Taking ballots away from elderly people
  • Paid election staff telling voters who to vote for and standing over them, watching while they filled out their ballots
  • Filling in ballots for mentally disabled people
  • Illegally registering people to vote under their maiden names in states where they no longer live
  • Ballot harvesting
  • And even more incident reports from more than 10,000 people
Now is the time to act. We demand that you fight for the future of our nation by objecting to the election results for former Vice President Joe Biden because of the overwhelming evidence that they are fraudulent. Vote for President Trump as your duty to our U.S. Constitution.

Author: Jacob Hall