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Jennifer Leatherby presented testimony in support of abortion. She said she woke up this morning and looked in the Iowa Constitution and read all men and women are by nature free and equal and have certain unalienable rights.

The first of those rights is ironically enjoying and defending life. Yet she went on to defend the practice of abortion.

“This is an outright ban,” Leatherby said. “I’m a survivor of an unwanted pregnancy. My unwanted pregnancy risked my life, my safety and happiness.

“Thanks to access to safe abortion, I’m still here today living my best life.”

She went on to say everyone deserves the chance to have an abortion.

“If the goal is to reduce abortion, the answer is to increase access rather than banning abortions,” she said. “Banning abortion does not save children, it endangers the lives of pregnant citizens.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall