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If it feels like we’ve been here before, it’s because we have. The liberal “tolerance train” is making another stop, this time in Johnston, to prevent students from forming a Turning Point USA chapter.


Why? Our favorite bigoted liberal columnist from the Des Moines Register – Rekah Basu – tells us in a story titled:

“If past is precedent, Turning Point USA Club at Johnston would be a refuge for hateful speech.”

With a subhead of:

“A far-right national organization funded by deep pockets and waging culture wars has no place in Johnston schools.”

Hard to believe the liberal bullies can seriously pretend to put on a public face of tolerance, love and diversity yet continue their efforts to ban all things — and anything — conservative from taking place around school buildings.

Basu wrote about the podcast hosted by a teenager from Johnston who is leading the effort to form TPUSA in Johnston. She took exception with his episode during which he discussed his opinions on the transgender debate.

You know, his opinions that are protected under the First Amendment — whether Rekha likes them or not. Not only did Rekah not agree with what he said, but she didn’t like how he said what he said either.

And, in perhaps the greatest irony of ironies, according to this so-called journalist/columnist, his speech is reason to keep TPUSA from becoming official at Johnston.

Yes, Rekha, who literally makes a living of expressing her opinions, is attempting to punish someone else for doing the exact same thing she does — except from an opposite perspective.

Love the diversity, Rekha. Love the tolerance.

Just to show how out of touch Rekha is, she cast blame on President Donald J. Trump for legitimizing hatred of others. This is despite the fact Trump literally brags about being the most pro-LGBTQ President of all time (his words, not mine).

Rekha even suggested that issues like gender identity are “nonpolitical” but have been cast as political.

Rekha did the typical thing when it comes to tolerant, accepting, loving leftists and Turning Point USA — she attacked them.

“That’s a far-right national organization funded by deep pockets, whose website declares it is ‘in a battle to save America’s classrooms from radical left indoctrination,'” she wrote.

Rekha can’t stand that TPUSA opposes “anti-American, immoral and racist teachings” such as Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and sexual/gender ideology.

Rekha highlighted TPUSA’s watchlist of school boards and professors who it considers radical. She said the social conservative group — get this — backs socially conservative candidates for school boards around the country.

Who would’ve thought, right?

A person who is supposed to be a science teacher in Johnston called Neal Patel, spoke out against the club at a board meeting. He questioned why something like gender ideology is even viewed politically.

He’s supposed to be a science teacher.

Others “grilled” the TPUSA chapter leader, Rekha wrote. A woman called the TPUSA “a hateful and hurtful group that promotes ignorance.”

“It is clearly pushing an agenda that entire groups in America shouldn’t exist,” she said, according to Rekha.

A homosexual student said they would feel “unsafe” with TPUSA in the district. This person said TPUSA’s rhetoric is “hateful, divisive and extremist.”

Rekha described Ben Shapiro as former editor-at-large of the “far-right” Breitbart News. And, she wrote, Shapiro “does a divisive podcast called The Daily Wire.”

Rekha lamented that TPUSA and its promotes have an “agenda to undo much of the social progress achieved by underrepresented and marginalized groups over the years.”

Rekha worked in a paragraph about the 1776 Project, which she dreads, because it is a political action committee dedicated to electing school board members who will — get this — promote patriotism and pride in American history.

The horror!

Rekha said inviting a TPUSA club would “do the opposite of making everyone feel welcome and safe.”

“It would politicize and threaten hard-won civil rights recognized by the courts and the general public,” she wrote. “It must be rejected.”

How convenient that Rekha believes she is defending so-called marginalized groups while literally pushing for a marginalized group — conservative students in Johnston — to not be allowed to form a group.

She must feel so accomplished to use her voice to bully conservative students. Great use of a career, Rekha.

Tolerant. Accepting. Loving. Kind. Welcoming. Embracing diversity — these are things Rekha Basu is not. At all.

This entire discussion is evidence of what I’ve said all along — the liberal Left has no intention of co-existing with conservatives. They’ll allow conservatives to be conservative at church or at home — but they should not dare display their conservatism in public.

And they do it all under some sick, misguided, misunderstood meaning of the words diversity, inclusion, tolerance, etc.

Worse than Rekha being this tone-deaf and ignorant of her own hypocrisy, it appears nobody else at The Des Moines Register recognizes the crazy, twisted irony that is an adult columnist who has made a career of exercising her First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of association in encouraging others to prohibit free speech and freedom of association for high school kids.

These people really are the worst of the worst.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Awesome! Exactly how I feel. But then again, they ARE the leftist. What’s truly sad is the fact that this has gone on so long and the fringe leftist, because they’re loud are trying to bulldoze their ideas over the majority. I really don’t care what gender, sexuality orientation or species they choose to identify as, that’s there choice, but don’t try to bullies the majority with your one sided leftist ideologies.

  2. Thank you Jacob. This was an excellent exposure of the solid hypocrisy of the left’s thinking. The evil against America flowing from her words is a unbelievably accepted. Look at the Des Moines Register. Total violation of our Constitution. Free speech for them, and none for opposite views.


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