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Some Democrats have seemingly adopted the idea that the GOP should embrace reducing abortions rather than outlawing the murder of unborn babies.

One writer said, “I want fewer abortions, so I’m voting for Joe Biden.”

Another said if people want to “reduce abortions, they should vote for Democrats.”

It’s all a part of the liberal talking point that abortion bans don’t work. That outlawing abortion won’t actually result in fewer abortions.

Which, is nuts when that same premise is applied to any other law.

“Outlawing cocaine use won’t actually lower the number of cocaine users.”

“Prohibiting domestic abuse won’t actually lower the instances of domestic abuse.”

The fact some people believe that to the point they actually articulate that position is crazy. Literally, crazy.

If robbing a bank were just regulated instead of against the law, would we have more bank robberies?

Or, maybe, apply it to their personal life.

“So, Democrat representative, we’re all aware that your spouse cheats on you five nights out of the week, but instead of asking they stop doing that completely, would you settle for only being cheated on three nights out of the week?”

Come on. This really isn’t complicated.

But, let’s look at the language of the Left in this debate. They want pro-life folks to shift their focus from outlawing killing unborn kids to just reducing the number of unborn kids who are killed.

Here is the obvious question to ask them — or any Democrat running for office for that matter — do you believe we should reduce the number of abortions that are taking place?

If not, why not? If yes, why?

Is abortion something that should be “reduced?”

If they say no, that means they’re not bothered by what abortion is in the slightest — the taking of innocent human life.

If they say yes, it means they’re OK with some taking of innocent human life.

But the media isn’t likely to ask Democrats that question. So that responsibility falls on you, the voter.

There will undoubtedly be some Democrats who double down on the killing and say abortions do not need to be reduced. They refuse to acknowledge the truth of science and the truth of common sense — life begins at conception.

Nonetheless, they should be asked on the off chance a conscience or two is pricked.

Let’s shift directions, and when Democrats tell us outlawing abortion doesn’t reduce abortion, ask them if they believe abortion should be reduced.

If they say no, why are we listening to them for strategy? If they say yes, why are they supporting abortion at all?

Author: Jacob Hall