Home State LETTER: Audubon County Sheriff supports Heath Hansen for Iowa Senate District 6

LETTER: Audubon County Sheriff supports Heath Hansen for Iowa Senate District 6

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Before I knew Heath personally, I saw the positive impact his leadership had on our Audubon community, by his involved with community and youth activities.

I personally met Heath when he became involved in our jail ministry. As an additional benefit to Heath working with the inmates, he got to know the sheriff staff.  These relationships became a strong foundation for the success of our chaplaincy program.  Heath was a vital part of developing and organizing the program.

Heath is the co-chair of our Republican party. As a respected leader, we often look to Heath for insight, direction, and his abilities to research issues.

A couple years ago we both were at a meeting where things got very heated. People had different points of view and tension built. As things were reaching a breaking point, Heath stood up and was able to talk to both sides. Through reasoning and listening he helped turn a volatile situation into a calmer more productive meeting. By bringing people to a common ground where they were able to keep moving forward.

Before Heath has even been elected, he is out asking officials what the issues are and what needs to be addressed. With the multitude of issues facing Iowa, Heath will be able to look at a wider spectrum and not just focus on one area he considers his expertise. He will be in contact with the district to draw on their expertise and experience, as a state senator should.

I want to make sure that people know Heath is a candidate who is not simply running for this position for his own agenda, or because he thinks it’s “his turn.” He’s educated, informed, and wants to make the district an even better place for our communities and families.

On a final note, I’ve been in law enforcement 33 years, and this is the first time I’ve felt strongly enough about a candidate to openly endorse them through the media. Please, vote for Heath Hansen for State Senator in the June 2 Primary.

  • Audubon County Sheriff Todd Johnson
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