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The following letter was sent to UnityPoint administration:

“I am appalled at the decision made by the Unity Point CEO, Clay Holderman, and the Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Dave Williams, to mandate all staff be vaccinated for COVID in letter to employees that was reported on Aug. 22, 2021. I was not sure what category to send this report as, because it would be appropriate for many categories including workplace violence.

Mr. Holderman acknowledged that the letter to employees sparked a lot of feedback and opinions expressed calling it a “loud weekend,” although he chose to only include one opinion in the letter which happened to be in favor of the decision. The opinion quoted, “I am sick to death of people screaming about their rights to choose in regard to this vaccine. I have felt like my life and my safety don’t matter. ”

This opinion is appropriate for employees on both sides of this issue but Holderman has decided he has the power to choose whose life matters and whose don’t.

All of the employees put their lives at risk and were there to treat COVID patients before there was a vaccine or known therapeutics and now they are being told that they are no longer worthy to continue treating people unless they submit to coercive tactics.

Dr. Williams said, and apparently has an agreement with the corporate board and administrators, he wishes they could wait 5-10 years to see any “deleterious, potential side effects.” It is beyond comprehension that such a decision can be made and at the same time acknowledging that the effect of this decision is unknown, without any respect to the rights of so many in their employ to choose their own fate and they still have an admirable desire to help others with medical needs. This decision is made at a time when hospitals and clinics are understaffed and yet the decision made is likely to exasperate the problem putting all Americans at risk of not being able to receive healthcare when it is needed. It is a callous, contemptuous and inhumane policy and an abuse of power to force employees or any human being to have a drug injected into their bodies against their will and is criminal when done for the purpose of increasing the profit line of the balance statement and for immediate relief of a problem without regard to its long term affect and consequences. To wait five to ten years is insignificant to a policy that could adversely affect generations.

I implore you to reverse this mandate immediately and enact a more common-sense solution with consideration of what you know as well as what you don’t know that will respect the rights of all of your employees who give their all with the desire to help treat the health all human beings.”

I also sent this to the Opinion Page Editors at the Des Moines Register but have very little hope that this opinion will be published there.

I have been advising everyone I meet that if the source they use for News censors any views or opinions or alternative “facts” then they are not a news source but purely a propaganda source. It is a sad state of our media when you have to seek out alternative views and opinions on random podcasts. Please continue to cover the mandate and censorship issues with priority as if the government is allowed to control all the healthcare of American citizens we will have lost all of our liberty and freedom.

  • Terry