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The Democrat and Republican 2020 platforms make plain for which political party Christians should vote.

While the Democrats have nominated their most pro-abortion ticket ever, the Republicans have renominated the most pro-life presidential ticket ever.

I focus on abortion because it follows my “first principles” philosophy.

Because the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution prioritize life, I do, too.

In addition, my Christian faith requires me to consider not only the characters of candidates, but also their policies.

While all candidates are flawed, some possess a “fatal flaw” that prevents me from supporting them.

Their platform would compel me and all Americans to fund infanticide throughout all nine months of pregnancy.
As a Christian, I try to obey the Ten Commandments.
While no one, including me, keeps them perfectly, abortion violates each of them explicitly.

Here is how.

1: “Have no other gods before me.” Abortion puts self on the throne and says, “My will be done.”

2: “Do not bow down to idols.” The Israelites imitated heathen nations by burning their children on the idol of the false god Molech. Chemical abortion burns a child while killing him or her.

3: “Do not take God’s name in vain.” Harris, like Biden, claims to be Roman Catholic while contradicting a basic belief of the RC faith that abortion is wrong.

4: “Keep the Sabbath day holy. Six days you shall labor and do your work.” God gave work as a gift to glorify Him. A pregnant woman who labors in childbirth glorifies God, as do her medical team members. Abortion dishonors God. We cannot keep the Sabbath holy if our work during the week is unholy.

5: “Honor your father and mother.” Abortion kills their grandchild.

6: “Do not murder.” Abortion kills a unique human being who does not deserve death.

7: “Do not commit adultery.” Usually, sex outside of marriage is the situation that results in a pregnancy that ends in abortion.

8: “Do not steal.” Abortion steals God’s precious gift of life. In addition, abortion robs a family of a son or daughter; brother or sister; grandson or granddaughter; nephew or niece; and cousin.

9. “Do not lie.” Abortion advocates call killing an unborn child “choice,” “ reproductive freedom,” or “health care.”

10: “Do not covet.” A pregnant mother covets control of her own womb. However, there is not one square inch in all of creation that God does not claim. Therefore, abortion violates even the 10th Commandment.

In addition, the Democrat platform is often hostile to religious freedom in general and to Christianity in particular. One example is the so-called Equality Act, which Biden has promised to sign into law.

This act rejects God creating male and female, with sex determined exclusively by DNA. Like abortion, it ignores both biology and the Bible.

At the Republican National Convention, most speakers mentioned their Christian faith. At the DNC, a Catholic nun denied her faith by advocating for abortion.

At the RNC, God was often given first place in speeches. At the DNC, God did not even earn a participation trophy.

The Democrat Party redefines reality, relies on deception and re-imagines murder as “choice.”

You have a better option in the Republican Party.

Bonnie Reinders
Sioux Center