In a couple of months anyone in Iowa can carry. (I’ll still carry my card just in case) That should make criminals think twice. It’s a great thing. It’s your constitutional right to carry.

Kudos to Gov. Reynolds for looking out for Iowans and our freedoms and our safety. That said, if you plan to carry, please still consider taking a concealed carry class. It’ll teach you the very basics but the important ones, like when it’s legal to pull, legal to shoot. It’s for your own legal protection. Go practice. Be familiar with your firearm. Fire it, clear it, clean it. Wear it like you wear underwear. If you’re going to take a life, your life or the life of someone else had better be in grave danger or you’ll go to prison. Get educated. Stay protected!

I’ve had my permit to carry for well over 10 years. I carry sometimes. Not once have I had a reason to reach for it. That’s the goal, to never have the need, ever. Maybe now that criminals know we are all able to be armed, our low crime rates will fall even further. Follow the laws. Be good Americans!!🇺🇸 Update: So, in Iowa you can carry without a permit but…an Iowa permit also allows you to carry in many other states as well. So unless you actually take the classes and get your permit, don’t venture into these other states without disarming. Just get your permit and save yourself the headache and legal fees

  • M. Brock