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Dear Voters of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District,

I am a physician and former Iowa Senator who served with Randy Feenstra. I am a Christian fiscal and social conservative. I personally know both Randy Feenstra and Steve King.  I am writing in support of Congressman Steve King, and his principled conservative fiscal and social policies—more importantly, his character.

Recently, Donald Trump dropped an incendiary bomb on the medical swamp when he had admitted that he was taking the Drug Hydroxychloroquine.  Since his election, the swamp has been trying to take down the President with false narratives and fake news.  I and most other doctors who are aware of the research know that the President is right, but the medical swamp surrounding him is doing everything in their power to discredit him even if people die.  Many liberal Republicans have joined in with the Democrats for fear of appearing too extreme and conservative. Therefore, I am supporting Steve King.

I and Steve King have been strong proponents of limited government, stronger families, and defense of life from conception to natural death.  We can trust he represents us.  In Congress, Steve King has been perhaps the strongest defender of our American Republic.  I personally know how hard it is to stand up for these values and to be the victim of fake news, and opposition from liberal Republicans like Randy Feenstra.  Let me give an example.

In 2009, Sen. Feenstra promoted SF 476 which imposed a Quality Assurance Service Fee on occupied non-Medicare nursing home beds.  Tax increases do not require legislative approval. Senator Feenstra should have opposed this truly unethical and unconstitutional tax upon the most vulnerable of our society—an amount approximately $2,600 per year per bed. He was among the bill’s strongest supporters in committee and on the final floor vote.  I strongly opposed this bill since it is a “widow’s tax” since most nursing home residents are widows.  The Bible commends us to defend the cause of the widow and orphan.

Congressman Steven King understands the moral authority of Bible and is a frequent defender of the most vulnerable of our society.  I know that he would be very vocal in opposition to this tax, whereas Randy Feenstra, refused to join Republican opposition to this immoral bill.  Senator Feenstra is guided purely by politics and with the knowledge that taxing the politically disenfranchised is a safe bet.  As a result, this tax put an undue tax burden on those with limited income already struggling to pay for long-term care.

Often, we are helpless against the excesses of the federal government.  Steve King has already proven that he will advance a conservative political agenda and will defend our common interests from the Washington swamp.  He, I, and Donald Trump have felt attacks from liberals and unfortunately, liberals within our own party. House Democrats have had an ongoing effort to impeach Donald Trump.  Congressman King has consistently upheld the Constitution and defended our President from these abuses of Congressional power.  On the other hand, Senator Feenstra has always acted in a manner that says that we should “Go along to get along” which was good for his personal political career but not good for Iowa. Jeff Flake comes to mind.  Our Nation deserves better.

I urge you on behalf of all of us to cast a vote for integrity and to vote for Steven King for Congress.


Senator David Hartsuch, MD MS CPA


PS – I have included the pages the journal of the Senate which Document these votes.