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Oftentimes, when evil occurs in this nation, the question often asked is “Where is God”? The sad answer is that the classroom doors in America started closing on this nation’s founding educational principles when a previous generation allowed one atheist and an out-of-control United States Supreme Court to expel God, Bible references, prayer and Jesus from this nation’s public schools.

Jesus who was only twelve when HE confounded the Doctors of the law now has to set outside the doors to public education while the lies, perversion and philosophy of everyone and everything else in this world are allowed to enter the classrooms of America.

The quality of public education in America was negatively impacted by Madalyn Murray O’Hair. According to her son, “My Mother was an evil person who led many to hell.” She would spend the day in X Rated theaters, worshiped statues of mating animals, was constantly filled with rage and violence, could not hold down a job, accepted the communist doctrine and conducted socialistic group meetings in her home.

Often times we hear those that ask God to bless America. But how can HE bless one nation under God that has allowed its public education system to stray so far away from HIM? This nation’s Founding Fathers looked to the home, the church and the school to fuel the fires of virtues, values and ideals from generation to generation.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Today in the year of 2023 AD this nation is witnessing the results of what happens when complacency, silence and tolerance allows the few to have reign of this nation and our public schools for too long.

It was never intended for public education in America to subject students to Godless evil, satanistic, socialistic rituals, experimentations, insane academic fads and all types of mental, physical, emotional sexual and spiritual mutilations.

The students of today will be the future parents, teachers, decision-makers and leaders of tomorrow and the decisions made during this session of the Iowa Legislature will affect the tomorrows of all our sons, daughters, grandchildren and generations to follow.

Often times it is asked, “Where are the Fathers in this nation?” All God-fearing Republican, Democrat and Independent Mothers and Fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers (who have not lost their minds) can not continue to sit back on their couches in their houses and turn up the volume on their electronic devices or sit back on their pews in their church houses and sing a little louder to drown out the cries for help from students and the many teachers that are being held hostage in this nation’s public school houses.

Often times Jesus was criticized for spending too much time with what some called the wrong people (children, tax collectors and sinners.) Some thought Jesus should be spending more time with the (so-called) leaders and the devout. But Jesus always wanted to speak to those who needed him the most (children, tax collectors and sinners!) Jesus loves you and will provide forgiveness for sin!

James Lee Elliott


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