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How does it work in the Des Moines swamp complex? Is there a direct connection between our delegation in the Washington DC swamp and the Des Moines swamp? Why is the Republican Party such cowards when their Iowa constituency petitions them and clearly verbalizes what they want?

When a Republican gets elected, are they led into a private room, sat down by a couple of suits who put a silver metal briefcase on the table in front of them? Then they click open the case facing the prospect, slide it over to the legislator revealing a sum of cash, and tell them, “you now work for us,” agree? Before answering, it’s slyly suggested it would be terrible if something happened to your family. They say the Boss will be in contact with further instruction, leave the money and walk away.


Is that how it works?

How can we explain the cowardly inaction of Iowa House RINO Republicans when it comes to removing Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation from the Iowa Civil Rights Code? What about school choice? We can get the same results having Democrats in a majority. So, why do we work to reelect Republicans, listening to the same abstract platitudes and worthless promises of fighting for families and children? The same spineless RINO’s election after election? Why is allowing Gender Queer in libraries and schools so important to these Republican cowards?

The devil says, “If you just bow down to me, I will give you the kingdoms of this world.” And the weak-kneed unprincipled RINO (which is half of the Iowa House) will accept the offer and sell his soul to the devil to do his bidding – along with his constituency too. This is the most ineffectual congress in Iowa history when it comes to moral issues – and a spineless House Judiciary and Education Committees lead the pack.

Before I cast a vote for any candidate, I am going to need to see some pushback, some coming out against the LGBTQ lobby, support for HF272 to remove Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation from the Iowa Civil Rights Code. No more excuses! I want to see defunding of Planned Parenthood, anything that has to do with murdering or indoctrinating children. I want to see teachers getting fired or even going to jail for teaching the gay agenda or that racist CRT nonsense to our young impressionable minds. This needs to happen this session before the primary election. Take a stand! Anything less is a waste of my time.

This is how it works.

  • R. Lee Phillips
    Pella, Iowa

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