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If I did not believe in the supremacy and power of Almighty God, there would be no hope left in my earth suit to save AMERICA. The devil is ruling in the hearts and minds of our “elected representatives”. RULING. The price being paid in America is great and unbelievably evil. And “our” government ( it obviously is NOT OUR government) will continue to destroy a country that our founders and veterans have given their lives for. It is laughable that Congressional men and women think they are in control of these evil policies. They are being controlled by demons. Demons are simply spirits that need bodies to inhabit to carry out their assignments. If you think demons do not exist or are not exercising power, you have never read a Bible, or even opened your eyes and ears. Jesus Christ came to this earth to destroy the works of the devil, 1John 3:8, BUT He will never transgress the free will of anyone, not even anyone in Congress. So, if YOU know the truth there is no time to waste in telling the Truth to those you know and care about, the Truth. They need a solid Rock to stand on as the walls come tumbling down. And they WILL tumble. You may be saying you are “good”, no worries.
Merry Christmas.

What does what happens in Congress have to do with the Christmas  Story?  Everything. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. He came to this earth out of incredible love for us and to pay the price for our sins and the church leaders and Roman government murdered Him. And his disciples were murdered and martyred right along with Him. If you as a believer and true follower of Jesus Christ think this is hyperbole and these things will never happen to you… if you listen to a lukewarm pastor, teacher, or priest that tells you to not focus on the whole Word, just the parts that are “comfortable” for you…

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

And because we don’t call sin, sin, and we blur the lines of truth, we get a Congress that passes legislation that destroys our freedoms and our borders, our livelihoods, our children, our education… and the evil sinks into the depths of their souls and they no longer even recognize the demonic activity they wholeheartedly support that crushes America.

Deborah Burow


  1. Federalist 51 has a piece about government being a reflection of human nature. We could toss out the demonically influenced trash, and what would that do? Discipleship may bring about a better nature in our country. Imagine the resulting reflection. Yes, toss out the trash, but focus on the problem while the symptom is dealt with. Great letter!!!


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