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I am very disturbed about your recent statement that you are openly inviting Afghan refugees to the State of Iowa without enough consideration of taking time for proper vetting of their entry into our population. You seem to be anxious to have a Robert Ray moment without fully analyzing the potential hazards of such a hasty decision. I have listened to the press conferences of the Generals of our own military who have so undeniably completely mishandled and misjudged the US surrender and withdrawal from Afghanistan and trying to justify their actions of outsourcing the security and safety of American citizens and allies as well as our own military! This is the worst military tactical maneuvering conceivable in the history of our great country. These same Generals are now telling Americans that they are properly vetting and using biometrics to ensure the thousands of Afghans being airlifted out and then flown to our soil for relocation. Their military incompetency continues and they are openly stating they are more concerned about the safety of international citizens and prioritizing their exit above the exit and safety of American citizens trapped, stranded, and threatened. The buffoonery of these incompetent Generals is openly admitting that they are sharing with the Taliban the locations and status of the Americans that will likely be left to fend for themselves because of OUR military submitting to the demands of the Taliban with an impossible exit date under the conditions. These Generals should be immediately dismissed, demoted, and charged with treason for their misconduct. They have committed dereliction of duty and violated their oath making and enforcing their political proclivity for transgenderism. critical race theory, changing the names of our military bases, white supremacist infiltration in the ranks and other issues while completely ignoring the MAIN objective of their title and office and even the purpose of their existence as a US military to protect and serve the safety and security of American citizens and the brave and honorable soldiers under their command. These Generals are telling us that ” they don’t know for sure” but only half of the Afghans being airlifted has SIV status while NGO’s on the ground and even Afghan people are telling that they are using fake identities, and identities of Afghans other than themselves for their visa applications and our genius Generals (note: sarcasm) are running the biometrics on them to run through an international database. Any biometric or data on someone under a false identity is of course useless, and preying on the naivete and compassion of Americans to believe that the Generals have done their due diligence.

Gov. Reynolds, I implore you to put a pause on your invitation and haste in accepting any foreign national into our State without the proper time and intense scrutiny needed to ensure that any immigrants allowed are not a threat to the safety of Iowans and sincerely desire the ideology of Liberty and Freedom. Do not send us deeper down the same rabbit hole that these despicable Generals and Biden Administration has put us in.

– Terry Pearce