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The Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), has changed the discourse about what is morally right and wrong in this country. This one event has caused a major paradigm shift in society and appears to have both spiritual and physical ramifications. It was never about two people loving one another as alleged by a special LGBTQ class and reprobate allies. It was never about equal rights. It has always been about weakening our social fabric according to Marxist theology. We have lost our identity as Americans just so a minority could find theirs.

Holy matrimony or a joining together of one man and one woman, has always been an institution about reproducing the next generation, something same-sex unions are incapable of. Since same-sex unions are incapable of procreating, having “mental intercourse” with the minds of children or sexualization of minors is the only way to perpetuate the lie. Therefore, public schools have become maternity wards of LGBTQ as an affront to the Creator of life and maligning HIS institution of marriage. Why should Christians be forced to accept and recognize nonsense that’s not accepted by our spiritual leader?


Despite our human flaws, America was indeed born with a God-conscious biblical foundation. The citizens of yesteryear had respect for a Supreme Being. Romans 13:1 teaches there is no lawgiver but the Creator. As a country, we’re descending rapidly, very rapidly, into a culture of degradation defying the laws of nature and natures God. Is there any question as to why we’re experiencing a similar fate as ancient Israel described by Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28?

Disobeying God’s laws and losing our Constitution seem to be connected by cause and effect. Was the gift of our Constitution predicated on our walking humbly with God? Can rebellion cause the gift to be rescinded? It was not made for reprobates and atheists as declared by President John Adams.

From a constitutional perspective, is there anywhere in our state or federal Constitution that gives government jurisdiction to join people in marriage? Before this modern age of Wokeness emerged, only religious clergy were permitted to conduct marriage ceremonies. When Christians allowed the state to grant marriage licenses, they unwittingly gave a secular state the right to redefine marriage. This is what happens when we fail to understand God’s Word and limited powers of government. God’s law restrains human behavior, and the Constitution restrains government, a necessary evil to manage evil. This union can only exist within the hearts of moral people and is totally unworkable outside of God. Disobeying the Ten Commandments leads to weakening the Constitution.

No such thing as gay rights exist constitutionally! These imaginary rights only exist in the darkened minds of mentally unstable people. Only are there God-given rights. The Creator does not grant rights to sin or do what is immorally wrong. Abortion, same-sex marriage, indoctrinating the young, and open borders allowing anti-American biases to enter are such egregious errors that I question if our nation has crossed the point of no return. Politicians appear to have syphilis of the brain lacking any sense of reason. Clergy who perform same-sex marriages against biblical teaching are not far behind.

As the Passover season approaches, I wonder if we should reconsider our spiritual condition and who we elect in the coming primary election? Maybe we should renew our covenant with our Creator first for his intervention? Either we elect God-fearing legislators who are willing to clean house, or we continue electing those who defend sin. Someone will be offended, but who will be offended the most, God or man? There will be consequences for a choice we must all make. But which choice can we live with?


In 1956, Cecil B. DeMille produced a star-studded epic film about Israel’s exodus from Egypt titled The Ten Commandments. The late Charlton B. Heston starred as Moses, Yul Bryner as the infamous Pharaoh and Vincent Price as nefarious Baka, Pharaoh’s chief builder. Also was Edgar G. Robinson starring as a treasonous little snitch named Dathan. The movie characterizes Dathan the Overseer working a deal with Pharaoh Rameses to find and identify the deliverer for ten talents of fine gold, his freedom, water girl Lilia, and the house of Baka, whom Moses killed. After the angel of death passes over, the Egyptians discover Dathan’s house has lamb’s blood on its doorposts and lintel. The Royal Guard is tasked with removing everyone from Egypt having blood on their houses. As the soon-to-be-exiled Israelites assemble for the exodus, Dathan, attempting to hang on to his former prestige, slyly reminds Pharaoh’s charioteer Pentaur, “You know who I am.” Pentaur’s stern reply, “I know who you were!”

The world’s ruling elite—the professional politician—some backed by religious clergy, some not, are people who believe they have the special ability to rule the world and frequently assume everyone else is here to pay homage to their despotic power and authority. Many will tell you anything to get elected, and we elect them based on the lofty words they speak, but once in office, many never keep their promises – many never keep their oath. All too often our election process doesn’t reveal the hidden character flaws of candidates because their true characters are never actually proven before being elected. Sadly, we learn afterward of their true natures. Many are just like Dathan, that dirty low-down treasonous little rat hungry for wealth and power. In contrast, the character of a future worldwide government will be tested, tried and true. Unlike the professional elites who speak one thing, do another and break their oath, the kings and priests appointed by Messiah Yeshua at his coming will have been proven to possess the godly character required to run the world. The time is coming when we can say to the ruling elite of both political parties: I know who you were!

R. Lee Phillips

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