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At 77, I’ve continued my career as an insurance broker well past average retirement age. Though I’m well enough to work, I’m aware of my age, and have taken active steps to ensure a healthy aging process. The Medicare Advantage program has been a critical resource in this effort. I believe Medicare Advantage works because it takes a preventive, not reactive, approach to health care. For examples, part of my Medicare

Advantage coverage is a fitness club membership and a membership to a program called Silver Sneakers, an online fitness program for senior citizens.  Of course, necessary medical services are covered, but I have a real peace of mind knowing that the program encourages screenings and other benefits that catch and prevent serious and costly conditions from developing.

I’m a proud enrollee – so proud, in fact, that I’ve taken leadership in my community to support the program as president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. I’ve seen the direct benefit of Medicare Advantage’s approach to senior health care and through my leadership, I sincerely hope to see it grow. More importantly, I hope that Senators Grassley and Ernst identify with this desire and work to preserve the program on behalf of Iowa’s senior community. We need this kind of leadership in Congress if we’re going to continue caring for our aging populations.


Ken Smith