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Messages sent on November 8th were loud and clear that Iowa “has not lost its mind!”

“We the people” of Iowa sent the message that we value our Republic for which it stands, American history, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, our heritage, our family traditions, patriotism, Biblical marriage, the Right to life, our one nation under God, peace, prosperity, liberty, freedom, posterity, and common sense guided by Divine wisdom, more than we value the “Democracy Democrat” one world progressive globallistic bill of goods.

“We the people” of Iowa sent the message that we value our border, the legal path to citizenship, respect for law and order, Blue Lives do matter, military strength second to no one, the right to bear arms, voter ID, fraud-proof elections with the results available the same day of the election, more than we value the “Democracy Democrat” disrespect for law and order bill of goods.

“We the people” of Iowa sent the message that we value gender identity determined at birth, ban on transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports, school choice and all the money following the child, enforcement of Iowa Critical Race theory law, banning pornographic books, manuals and discussion of such in classrooms and libraries, more than we value the “Democracy Democrat” education indoctrination bill of goods. 

“We the people” of Iowa sent the message that we value capitalism, low taxes, low-interest rates, balanced budgets, family-owned business and farms, fossil fuels, energy independence, entrepreneurship and made-in-America goods and services more than we value the “Democracy Democrat” dictatorial inflationary tax and spend bill of goods.

“We the people” of Iowa sent the message that we are tired of the meddling and agitation of human life mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, ethically, racially, medically, financially, educationally, spiritually and not knowing which proper pronoun to use on any given day, then we value the “Democracy Democrat” social engineering bill of goods.

The message was loud and clear that Iowa has not lost it’s mind and that it is the right and duty of the people to alter, abolish, institute new leaderships or say you are fired when government becomes out of control, despotic, abusive, tyrannical and pursues a progressive one world agenda.

Authority is not given for self-importance or self-ambition but is given to those who will be of useful service to others. Serving others is real leadership and is radical to the world as we are to serve people instead of using people. We must never be too busy to help others bear their load. 

“We the people” will stand up and fight for those that will honor their promises and oath and together we will reignite the promise of America as we return this nation back to the “gleaming city set on a hill” as a beacon of enduring freedom.

“If America is not the beacon of enduring freedom from tyranny then where else will one go on this earth?

James Lee Elliott


  1. Our Junior Senator from Iowa apparently does not recall when “we the people’ of Iowa ousted three Iowa Supreme Court justices on November 2010 for redefining marriage in Iowa from between a man and a woman to same sex marriages. On November 2022 we finally ousted the Iowa attorney general who also usurped his power by notifying all Iowa county recorders in 2009 to comply by issuing same sex licenses. “We the people” of Iowa know about RED waves and BLUE waves and we know how to use the GOODBYE wave to those who do not represent the true values of those that have not lost there minds.


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