LETTER: More details needed about Iowa Wesleyan crash on way to LGBTQ day at Capitol

On Feb. 1, an Iowa Wesleyan University minivan driven by a faculty member was transporting seven students to the State Capitol for LGBTQ Day on the Hill.

The driver lost control, the van flipped, four students were transported to hospitals, treated and released. Thankfully no injuries were serious. The van was towed from the scene. The accident is under investigation.

An interested person might ask… What was the purpose/goal of attending LGBTQ Day? Was the faculty driver paid for that day? Is the driver also an LGBTQ member? What happened inside the van that caused the driver to lose control? Who paid for the gas? Is the IWU van insured for that use? Does IWU insurance cover the student’s medical bills? Do any of these students receive Iowa taxpayer-funded tuition grants? Have these students and driver been named or identified as male, female or other? Is LGBTQ part of IWU curriculum? Does IWU also sponsor other student groups’ special events?  Have any private IWU donors complained about funding these events? Has IWU promoted/encouraged LGBTQ or teacher groups to place obscene/pornography-laced materials in Iowa’s public schools over the last couple of years?

In 1841 Methodist settlers started and named IWU for John Wesleyan, founder of Methodism.

On Feb. 17, 2023 IWU celebrated Founder’s Day, 181 years, the oldest co-educational institution West of the Mississippi.

Mission Statement. Wesleyan University is dedicated to providing an education in the liberal arts that is characterized by boldness, rigor, and practical idealism. At Wesleyan, distinguished scholar-teachers work closely with students, taking advantage of fluidity among disciplines to explore the world with a variety of tools.

Leland Graber


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