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In the early morning hours of Nov. 10, just a mere 36 hours after the election, a newly elected House of Representatives was rushed into the Capitol to elect leadership for the 90th General Assembly. There was no orientation of the process. No procedures or rules laid out whatsoever. The newly elected freshmen were all corralled into a sham that many Iowans want changed. We the People were given the same leadership that failed us in the outgoing 89thGeneral Assembly. Is there a remedy? Is there a recourse?

The issue is not about money or fiscal conservatism. The issue is about social conservatism. Yes, the economy is important but there is even a greater issue at hand – our posterity, the next generation, Iowa children – our greatest treasure and natural resource! If we lose our innocent Iowa children to a Marxist Woke ideology that comes straight from Hell, we lose our State. It’s as simple as that! Farming will not matter. The economy will not matter. Your favorite color will not matter. If we lose the next generation, we lose everything!

We only have one problem in this State, and that is a God problem. We have a problem with Jesus Christ (whom I call Messiah Yeshua). Unless we address our God problem then nothing will get solved and the next generation will turn into reprobates, not productive citizens.

Notice the Preamble of our Iowa Constitution:

Preamble. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF IOWA, grateful to the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuation of those blessings, do ordain and establish a free and independent government, by the name of the State of Iowa…

What do we see here? At the very top of our government is an acknowledgment of a Supreme Being that rules heaven and earth. The first duty of our representative government is to represent this Supreme Being, to appease Him for a CONTINUATION of blessings. And be it known that His economy is life. Marriage between one man and one woman is His institution and where He procreates. The fruit of the next generation is where He makes improvements and corrections to society. Life and liberty have their solitary source grounded in this Supreme Being and if we neglect Him and His economy of life, we lose our blessings of liberty! Get it!

The 89th General Assembly leadership under Speaker Pat Grassley neglected to understand this. Pat Grassley is against wholesome education overseen by parents of their children. Now, in the 90th General Assembly, he wants to continue sacrificing the next generation of children to the god of a Marxist ISEA. The evidence is pervasive. Just look at the chairmen of key committees chosen by the speaker. He trusts the government and could care less about what Iowa parents want.

In Iowa, if a conceived child created in the image of God manages to survive the womb and not be aborted, then the survivors are forced into an indoctrination center called school where their young innocent impressionable minds are all messed up. You see, a same-sex couple cannot procreate so the only way to perpetuate their insidious transgender agenda is to impregnate the mind of a child and manipulate their thinking to accept what is abnormal as normal. This is a lie that Speaker Pat Grassley and his House minions want to continue. Should he? Or is there a recourse?

Under Article III, Legislative Powers of the Iowa Constitution, it states:

Protest – record of vote. SEC. 10. Every member of the general assembly shall have the liberty to dissent from, or protest against any act or resolution which he may think injurious to the public, or an individual, and have the reasons for his dissent entered on the journals; and the yeas and nays of the members of either house, on any question, shall, at the desire of any two members present, be entered on the journals.

A core of freshmen legislators should utilize this constitutional privilege and use it. Use it to object and protest against a House leadership that you were bamboozled into accepting without any orientation or instruction just a mere 36 hours after you were elected. Do this before selecting the next round of assistant majority leaders. Protecting the innocence of children is your hill to die on – even if it means only one term for many of you.

There are at least a couple dozen elected representatives that have the courage to stand up against and promote a new leadership for social conservatism. Pat Grassley and Matt Windschitl failed us. We do not need another failed session. What I suggest is Mark Cisneros, speaker; Steven Bradley, speaker pro tempore; Jeff Shipley, majority leader; and Henry Stone, majority whip.

And even though my choices of assistant majority leaders will all be newly elected freshmen, I would assert their lack of experience is better than the experience of professional politicians that have sold out our children. I would elect as assistant majority leaders Brad Sherman, Zachary Dieken, Helena Hayes and Mark Thompson. This is the type of leadership the Iowa House needs. This the type of leadership social conservative Iowans would want and need. This is the new blood needed in the House. Isn’t it time for the establishment to step aside?

For all those elected to the Iowa House that trust Yeshua, pray about this and then have some courage and step out. Step out and use Protest – record of vote. SEC. 10, to make your voice heard. Do not fear Goliath and his brothers. Do not settle for this is the way it’s always been done. Remember, your first duty is to God and second duty is to Iowans. Iowa is counting on you!

Rick Phillips


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